Wednesday, January 03, 2007

40th anniversary celebrations of the party mouthpiece

Karat for nation-wide scientific land-use policy

41st foundation day of the Bengali daily "Ganashakti" is celebrated in Kolkata. The mouthpiece of CPI(M) party in Bengali is "Ganashakti" and in English it is CBCNN.

Karat thunders, "We [the CPI (M)] shall oppose giving up land to big companies cheaply."

Buddhadeb says that we must move on towards greater industrialisation even if that means encroachment on farmland.

Karat and Buddhadeb were speaking in the same function and were obiously interpreting the party's agenda on industrialisation. But the audience are totally confused. Is CPI(M) for industrialisation or not?

"Our party is a national party and what is applicable for West Bengal should be applicable in the rest of the country," Mr. Karat pointed out.
CPI(M) wants to assume an air of grandiosity about its existence. CBCNN propogates this view through its papers.

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