Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Privatisation against the spirit of the Constitution: Karat

Judiciary getting attuned to values of liberalisation: Karat

Karat is back on CBCNN after an extraordinarily long hiatus of three days.

Here are some jewels from Karat:

the judiciary was getting attuned to the values of liberalisation and privatisation, which are against the spirit of the Constitution.

Liberalisation and privatisation are against the spirit of the Constitution.

Mr. Karat said the party had worked with all Left and democratic forces in the country to ensure that the communal forces were defeated and isolated. Those who believed that India should become a Hindu nation or that the country should be divided on religious lines should be defeated whichever religion they belonged to, he said.

The usual Hindu bashing, which CBCNN will gleefully report.

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