Friday, January 26, 2007

Police deliberately kill children : CBCNN

Farewell, sweet Faizal - Nupur Basu

And the police, in a bid to quell "rioting mobs," found a vulnerable target in Faizal...

The operative word here being "found". This is reiterated below.

Where a police force that can neither predict nor contain anti-social and communal outbreaks aims its authority at helpless children, old people, and women.

No tears for the police constable who was killed by the mob. No information on the plight of his family. He is buried as a nameless entity by The Chindu. But Nupur Basu comes out gunning for the police head.

I am getting sick of reading all this nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

We should take it that it was only incidental that the child killed "deliberately" by the police was a Muslim (as can be assumed by the name). Chindu knows how to play the secular game.