Thursday, January 11, 2007

Khare and verbal terrorism

ULFA and the liberal dilemma

Even after 9/11, when the sangh parivar discovered the political usefulness of raking up the issue of jihadi terror, ...

An unwarranted attack on sangh parivar. Is Khare saying that sangh parivar did not raise the issue of jihadi terror before 9/11? India was experiencing jihadi terror for a very long time and the sangh has alwaysbeen vocal against it, including the jihadi terror unleashed in Kashmir since 1991. Khare discovered his path of fulfilling career ambitions in sangh bashing. He is the worst among the CBCNN lot - up there along with N.Ram.

... the Vajpayee Government had to appease the national mood ...

Over-smart usage of language to suggest that the appeasement policy is followed by Vajpayee and BJP.

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