Sunday, January 21, 2007

CITU is a non-entity in Karnataka; but not for CBCNN

CITU to launch series of agitations against `anti-worker' policies

Commenting on the "attack" on the public sector units by the governments, Mr. Majumdar said such policies would endanger the very economy of cities such as Bangalore.

CITU belongs to the old world order. Bangalore's economy is almost entirely dependent on the private sector, with public sector playing only a nominal role. No wonder, CITU - being a communist outlet - has got all its priorities wrong. May be CITU should share with us what percentage of the number of workers in Bangalore are members of CITU. We can get a fair idea, considering that CPI(M) has just 1 MLA in the assembly.

The Chindu, a propaganda machine, is obliged to print all the communists ramblings.

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