Thursday, January 04, 2007

Permanent government of WB

Singur and beyond

Thanks to Prasanna for pointing out.

There has been a bottled-up demand for industry and consequently industrial land in West Bengal — and the Tata Motors project at Singur is a test case for whether this demand can be met. Under the circumstances, the permanent government of the State has made it clear that it will consolidate and strengthen its agrarian base but will diversify into industry as well.

CBCNN gives the government responsiblities of West Bengal permanently to CPI(M). We have been reading CBCNN long enough and we know it is not surprising to us that CBCNN is pushing the envelope of campaigning for communist parties. As they say of communist parties in India, "One man, One vote, One time".

The relatively tame end to her hunger strike seems to have disappointed the ragbag of political friends — ranging from Naxalites through communal elements to free-floating and freelancing NGOs and individuals

Once again, CBCNN is associating Mamta with naxalites.

prasanna thinks CBCNN is “Medai pechalar” of the CPM

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