Thursday, January 04, 2007

CPI(M) opposes land for SEZs

Bardhan counsels caution

"In the name of setting up SEZs thousands of acres are being given to big companies not for the sake of industries but for promoting real estate speculation," Mr. Karat said

Meanwhile, CPI(M) allocates land to the Indonesian conglomerate, the Salim Group, at Nandigram in Purbo Medinipur district. The Salim group is notorious for its corrupt practises in Indonesia.

Five policemen were injured when they were attacked by a mob at Nandigram earlier in the day. The mob ransacked a local gram panchayat office and set ablaze a police vehicle.

I cant figure out how this incident is related to what Bardhan is saying. Why isnt CBCNN giving more info? What is it trying to hide?

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