Thursday, January 18, 2007

Old, long-time readers' view of "The Chindu"

Here is the opinion of old, long-time readers about The Chindu:
The paper has turned into an ideological document; there is disproportionate coverage to CPI(M) Polit Bureau members wherever they speak; a mindset prejudiced against all right-wing people; obsession for Muslims and their welfare; an anti-American bias.

... it cannot have "pretensions of adherence to core values."


Dr. Duggaraju srinivasa Rao said...

I found chindu interesting. Can I contribute. My qualification is presently a columnist in Swati the largest circulated Telugu weekly.
Dr. Duggaraju srinivasa Rao

Anonymous said...

Throw away the hindu
The English version of Desabhimani ( The mouthpiece of CPI(M) )
The only tradition still in The Hindu is only its name. All editorials are pro Marxist. The chief editor N.Ram is an active Marxist man and a relative of Prakash karat.

All news are baised towards left ideologies. Anyone can notice the propaganda. All what silly things Mr Prakash Karat says comes in Bold letters in Frontpage. Even the name is “ The Hindu” it prominently publishes all news and views which are against Hindu community and suppress all hindu favoring news.

Their partiality is highly evident when we compare the reports relating to Nandigram violence in West Bengal and the Godhra violence in Gujarat. Violence done by any body is condemnable, but The Hindu is trying to suppress Nadigram violence and raises its full voice against the Gujarat Government. Lot of pages are spent to criticize Narendra Modi while Budhadeb Battacharya is a very good boy as per The Hindu editors. This shows the double standards of The Hindu.

Regarding foreign affairs also they are fully against America and Europe while supports every act of China. It is evident in various reports regarding Burma violence, Indo-US Nuclear deal, Iraq war etc. Thses all matches with the Marxists ideology.

The promoters of The Hindu were some Tamil Brahmins in Chennai but now it is in hands of Marxist ideologists. The main readership of The Hindu is in Tamil Nadu who from their childhood are familiar with this paper only.

So readers : STOP the SUBSCRIPTION TO The Hindu - A English version of Deshabhimani ( The Malayalam Mouthpiece of CPI(M) ) . Opt for other Good English Dailies like :

= The Indian express
= The Times of India
= The Deccan Chronicle
= The Pioneer

See also an Excellent Blog about The Hindu in the following link

The Chindu
Chennai-Based Chinese National Newspaper (CBCNN)

Ramanan said...

Most Tamil Brahmins buy this paper because their father bought it and their grand fathers bought it. Itt is a common belief amongst Tamilians that reading english would improve their english skills !. I hope this blog includes exerpts of horrendous prose from "The Chindu".

I for one stopped subscribing to the Hindu long back , I felt it was my duty towards the nation.

Anonymous said...

thousands have out grown the chindu.

Jerry said...

Mr Raman , You say that you grew up 'on the Mother's milk of this daily'. How touching ! Well, I have news for you. What you have been taking all these years has been adulterated stuff. I am surprised that this paper which is widely known as the unofficial organ of the CPM and its Chinese masters would be considered as a landmark symbol for Chennai. How could you expect a paper whose Editor in chief is the founder member of the SFI to be unbiased when it comes to matters relating to China ? Each and every page of this paper since I remember ( I am 42 yrs old ) has its news slanted to suit the CPM and its transnational masters. And you did not get this drift ? This is the newspaper which condemned the Indian Air force when it shot down a Pakistani reconnaissance plane after the Kargil conflict.( Check the Chindu editorial on August 12 '1999 ). Didn’t you think at that point of time that the milk you were taking had something nasty in it ?