Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bangalore violence started by Hindus: CBCNN

Boy killed, three injured in police firing

The police said the trouble started when a large number of people who came in a procession from Nagavara to attend the Viraat Hindu Samajotsava in Ulsoor turned unruly. They allegedly stoned houses in Cox Town.

Trouble broke out on Kamaraj Road when some people stoned houses and shops while a procession was passing through. This resulted in a clash between two groups following which violence spread

Clever use of language by The Anti-Hindu to suggest that the violence was started by Viraat Hindu Samajotsava crowd.

Let have a look at the coverage on this incident in Hindustan Times:
Police kill boy, night curfew in Bangalore
Police said the violence was sparked off when a banner relating to a Hindu religious gathering was allegedly removed by a group of people who were on their way to attend a rally to condemn the Saddam execution.

The reason is that the crowd attending the Saddam rally bullied Hindus on their way and the Hindus reacted. And this is clearly stated by Mumtaz Ali Khan in a letter to the editor.

There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein's execution needs to be condemned. But what business did the protesters have uprooting the banners of the Virat Hindu Samajyotsav? Burning vehicles, attacking police, and entering homes to beat up the residents were most uncalled for. All right-thinking Muslims should demand punishment for those responsible for the unpleasant happenings.

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