Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whimper of a lion

The mighty (yes sarcasm intended) lion Mr. Zardari signed in the controversial Sharia law into the Swat region and other nearby areas. This might be a precursor to what is inevitable in Pakistan.
As per a cleric,
Pakistan’s imposition of Islamic law to blunt a gathering Taliban rebellion will protect militants accused of brutal killings from prosecution, a hardline cleric who mediated the peace plan said on Tuesday.

When asked about the effects of the law a cleric pointed to Afghanistan and said,
If the law is quickly implemented, “the world will see how much peace and prosperity comes to this region,” said Muslim Khan.

Chindu in response has maintained a sphinx like silence, probably wishing to avoid any comment given that it will elicit an angry response from the minorities. Had a Hindu or a Buddhist government signed in such a proclamation in any corner of the world, Chindu would've raised hell from the rooftops. But seeing this done in a nearby country one LiC simply quietly sitting down in his desk without the least emotions of how democracy and tolerance have been struck down in one fell stroke.


kuttychathan said...

Yes you are right. While such crucial events, whcih can have far reaching impact on the lives of billions of people, are taking place within and outside India, The Hindu is making a mish-mash of them. And the man who is supposed to keep an eagle's eye on the editorial department of The Hindu (our beloved reader's editor) is warbling some silly, senile, inanities about the picture of two warblers which is said to have appeared in the Chennai edition. (Please see his regular bi-weekly column that appeared on 13.04.09)What a pity! Had I been in his place, I would have quietly put in my papers long ago and would have gone home to play with my grandchildren's children and to spend the evening of my life, with my dignity intact.

kuttychathan said...

May I invite the attention of my friends to an op-ed page article published today. It is called "Poisoning the minds of children". It is written by two redheads of JNU. If what they claim in their article is true, everyone has to condemn it. But I have a doubt. Why no one bothers to take a look into & write about, what Muslims childrens are taught in their madrassas.