Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interesting tidbit about NGOs as the Taliban captures Pakistan

Being familiar with the shrill rhetoric of NGOs, this bit came as a surprise:

The staff members of local nongovernmental organizations have been ordered to leave, and their offices have been looted, they said. Pakistani television news channels showed Taliban fighters triumphantly carrying office equipment out of the offices of the organizations.

Where are the brave NGO fighters who want to be human shields when facing imperial forces? NGOs cut and run as usual. Sshh...


Gandaragolaka said...

As is generally known and proven, Islamists take the help of communists and NGOs (whats the difference?) when they are at a nascent stage. But when they become powerful enough, everybody else is driven away, including these communists and NGOs

Shankar said...

Moral of the story: ruthless force works. On the likes of Arundhati and Teesta and on all our liberal intellectuals. Their outrage is always against Hindus.

Dirt Digger said...

Scary part is the Indian Government has not spoken out on this issue.
The barbarians are at the gates and our Neros are still fiddling around.
Mera Bharat Mahan.

kuttychathan said...

Shankar...Have you visited Teesta's website ( Then you will understand who f***ks & feeds her. Her site barks and howls for muslims, not only in India, but all over the world. But you won't find any word about muslim woman being killed by her jehadi f***k mates in Afghanistan,...nor any word about persecution of minorities in Iran, Pakisthan,Bangladesh or Afghanisthan.
I do not blame her. I blame the impotent BJP, which did not dare to inquire into the source of her funds, while it was in power for five years, at the centre.

Sandesh said...

I was/am an ardent admirer of BJP ever since I started to vote. However, BJP missed its golden opportunity when it was in power. It could have done a lot but did not. Initially BJP claimed that they do need muslims vote. If they had stuck to it and not pandered to the nonexistent vote bank, they would have been radically different from congress.

Now, I don't see much difference b/w congress and BJP. I wish BJP takes a strong pro-hindu stance.

Sandesh said...

Mistake in previous comment

"claimed that they do NOT need.... "