Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lalu forced to recant his own statements

As pointed out in this blog yesterday, Lalu tried to amp up his base i.e. the minorities by trashing Varun Gandhi where he said,
Had I been the country’s Home Minister, I would have crushed Mr. Gandhi under the roller and destroyed him without caring for the consequences for his hate speech against Muslims

Now the Election Commission is coming hard at Lalu for making such irresponsible statements and that too from a Union minister however unqualified he might be.
Lalu in response tried to change his statements saying,
he only said he would have crushed BJP’s Pilibhit candidate Varun Gandhi under “the roller of law.”

Now let us see the paragon of secularism Chindu's reponse to these statements.
Will it take it out in an editorial as it rightly should given Lalu being an experienced politician as well as a minister should not be ranting? Or will it just ignore it and pander to minorities?


Shankar said...

Suggestion from a regular visitor to this blog: It is better if this blog sticks to media watchdog role. There are so many pro-BJP blogs around and you should resist the urge to get carried away by election time inflammatory statements. Certain other issues like Chinese propaganda, Tibet issue and Marxists' performance are fine because they are LiC's weak points.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your constructive comments which are always welcome in this blog. I debated a bit before posting this issue for exactly the same reason. However the media has been too forgiving of any pro-minority comments like Lalu's but easy to condemn a pro-majority statement as being anti-secular.
The Chindu being the leaders of the pack often is a shining example of such hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

The reply from LiC is not going to be any different to the one he handled the issue of Karunanidhi's Lord Ram's derogatory speeches. He said it was in best interest (not qualified whose interest it was) that we forget as he (Karuna) has clarified the statement subsequently...

Similar fate awaits this too..

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your note. LiC is the master hypocrite when it comes to these issues. Often sides with the secularists and ignores any principle of journalism which does not support his ideologies.