Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is Khare the stupidest of the lot

With so much discussion about Manmohan being the weakest PM ever, Khare decides it is time he joins the debate. In the very first paragraph, he dismisses the claim by calling it BJP's sales pitch. No reasons given. In the rest of the article, he freely indulges in BJP-bashing, at one point comparing discussions with separatists and negotations with terrorists.
The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Standards of a strong leader
Both the BJP and the Congress have been engaged in a daily war of words over L.K. Advani’s contention that Manmohan Singh has been a “weak Prime Minister.” The charge is made, evaluated and replied to in the context of the BJP’s own sales pitch of “majboot neta, ni rnayak sarkar” (a strong leader, a decisive government).
The contrast in evaluation reports cannot be more glaring when you read this article from Daily Pioneer.
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Can he hide from himself
His party, his coalition and his political sponsors have made a laughing stock of him. After the election, he fears he will be dumped as expendable.

There is no point criticising Mr Singh. He deserves a sentiment far more devastating: pity.

This is Khare-ism for you. It also raises the question: Is Khare the stupidest of the chindu lot?


Shankar said...

By Khare's standards, this is a relatively better article. Anyone who read him before will be relieved to read this.

Sandesh said...

Off topic


Kalpana Sharma starts with an obligatory sentence or two of Sikh riots of 1984 and quickly goes to 2002 and Kandhamal blasting BJP along.
Then she goes on about firaaq, the movie of Nandita Das which no one cared to watch nor cared to discuss. But trust chindu to keep gloating over it....

kuttychathan said...

Mr. Khare's golden age was when Ms. Malini was the de facto chief of The Hindu.

During his heady early days as Editor-In-Chief, Mr. Ram had publicly disapproved of the views of Mr. Khare. But, no longer. Mr. Khare, seemed to have sneaked his way back to editorial favour.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Khare character's fortunes are linked to the editorial board oscillations in Kasturi Building?!

Anyhow, he seems to be in the league of eminent pseudo-intello clowns (a la judge Krishna Iyer).

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

One of the most directionless articles

S.Ganesh Kumar said...

God only knows what he tried to say here.His previous articles though biased,they were not directionless,he tried his best to bash up the BJP in the best manner!:d