Friday, April 03, 2009

Fwd: Yahoo! News Story - China blocks YouTube, again

the chinese are realising that the tibetan uprising is getting beyond control. while using extraordinary force to quell the uprising, it is planting articles in international media describing its adventurism in tibet as social emancipation. the tibetans are demonstrating the power of social media in countering the establishment.

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From: arun
Subject: Yahoo! News Story - China blocks YouTube, again

A report released Wednesday finds the Chinese Internet to be the least free of 15 countries studied, tying for bottom place with Cuba.

China blocks YouTube, again

 has been inaccessible for most of the past week, since Tibetan exiles posted a film showing Chinese militarized policemen savagely beating Tibetan monks and civilians.


Anonymous said...

But my dear friend...
One Prasad, a servant of N.Ram, is now in Tibet.. Havn't you seen his reports of the gloriously happy life of Tibetans, under the communist rule, appearing for the last two days...where else...but in The Chindu...!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Ram's drivel on Chinese Tibet was not enough. Even the the nonsense from Xinhua, faithfully published by Ram's f***ksheet everyday too is not enough. Now he has sent a s****r to Tibet to do you know what. What next? He may send his darling Brinda Karat to Lhasa, to do an on the spot study on the orgasmically happy life women of Tibet are having, under the rule of Ram's masters.