Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chindu reports world wide swine flu epidemic

Chindu reports that the swine flu epidemic has spread world wide. The solution:
The best way to keep the disease from spreading, health officials said, is by taking everyday precautions such as frequent hand washing, covering up coughs and sneezes, and staying away from work or school if not feeling well.

I'm sure lots of school kids would want to follow the last part judiciously.
Chindu's investigative reporting found airports using scanners like this one,

In an related incident, Chindu found the perpetrator of the Swine Flu:

No more words need be said.
In other news, Lic fave hotshot, Brinda Karat breaking a vow of silence, predicted that a dumbass will be chosen as PM,
This time round the people will prefer a more democratic fashion, when the non-Congress, non-BJP parties comprising the Third Front will decide in a democratic way who the Prime Minister should be

Really why doesn't the Third Front nominate a single be the face of the campaign if its so confident about victory?
Why are the Mufti's being branded communal? Mehbooba Mufti's answer:
It is very unfortunate to see us through this prism. When any leader in Jammu and Kashmir talks about keeping in mind the aspirations of people, they are branded in the manner you describe.

How I wish the Government did not release those terrorists to save this b1t(h's sister's life. (Correction: Thanks to a reader's sharp observation)
If Kashmiris wan't self determination, they should first repay the people of India the money they've swallowed in the last 60 years plus interest. Then we should talk about self determination.
Final word:
Election commission has wizened up to the act of the Communists. They are sending 220 companies of Central forces for this elections.
I would love to see some Communist a-holes shot doing booth capturing this time around.


kuttychathan said...

DD... I have a doubt... Whose pic it is? He is the perpetrator of what? swine flu or ass flu?

As you said... Ram's 'kathal rojaav' is back.. And that pic of her, made my day...

As for Mehbooba's whine...the VP Singh government released terrorists not to save that bitch, but her sister bitch...

As for election commission sending 220 companies to West Bengal...let us wait and watch...I don't think Navin Chawla and his fellow buffoons would dare to alienate the left...

DD... A surprising omission in your 'chindu roundup' is the lead story today... CBI has atlast found that Sonia's boyfriend Quottrochi was after all very innocent..What next friend...? Perhaps a Bharat Ratna from Rashtrapatiji during the next republic day parade... and...sainthood from vatican...

Dirt Digger said...

Yup you are right. It was Rubaiya Sayeed, not Mehbooba. My mistake. Will update the post.
I think Naveen Chawla will stand up to the Left. His loyalties are to the Congress which is in a pitched fight against the Left in WB.
The Congress Trinamool alliance has a chance to break the Left's back this elections. If it wins more than 10 seats in WB, it eliminates 50% of the chance of an alliance containing the Left would come to power.
But stranger things have happened.

The CBI as someone said is the Congress Bureau of Investigation. It has become a pawn in the hands of the Congress. The Bofors case is almost cleaned up now.