Sunday, April 19, 2009

Senility attacks Karunanidhi claims LTTE is like Red Cross

In what is one of the most atrocious statements this year, the CM of Tamil Nadu when asked whether Prabakaran was a terrorist said,
“Naan appadi paarkkalai (I don’t see that way).”
“Those in Prabakaran’s group have taken to terrorism. But that is not his [Prabakaran’s] fault.”

Really whats next Hon. Mu Ka, you are going to proclaim that Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin were all gentle souls who did not commit genocide?

Nice to see the senile Karunanidhi trying to upstage the remarks of Mr. Vaiko who claimed there would be rivers of blood if LTTE was defeated or something similar. On the flip side former PM Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the agents of LTTE. The Jain Commission found complicity of DMK in that process. Now Congress lead by Sonia Gandhi widow of Rajiv Gandhi is still holding on to an alliance with DMK and Mu Ka who were party to her husband's death.
What a shameful culture where one(party) gets into bed (politically) with one's husband's murderers just for political mileage.


kuttychathan said...

The Hindu has played down the interview. While, all the Malayalam News Papers I read, have given prominent coverage to the story. What is the secret behind The Hindu's shyness? Perhaps, Mr. Ram's connection with Mr. Karunanidhi ?

Pilid said...

Karunanidhi was claiming all the while that he is only concerned about the safety of Tamil civilians. Things have clearly changed. Quite a chameleon I should say.

Dirt Digger said...

Yup you are right, LiC has connections with the Mu Ka clan, and after the incident with the AIADMK sending the police after him, he has loathed getting dirty on issues of regional politics.

Dirt Digger said...

Chameleon that too near the election time is an exact fitting description of this senile leader.
Hope people have the wisdom to see through this.

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kuttychathan said...

While politicians in Tamil Nadu are shedding crocodile tears, thousands of poor Tamils, caught between LTTE & the Lankan army, are living through hell.
Alas, Lanka is a place where to the great Asoka himself took Buddhism. Tamil Nadu is always the land of Thiruvalluvar in our minds. Ironically governments & politicians of both the places are doing everything to insult the memory & live down the teachings, of the great men.