Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Village idiot Praveen Swami complains again

There are arm chair critics like Praveen Swami who cannot be placated at any level. He will complain against the Government for not having a policy which supports his views, complain against the Government for inaction during the Mumbai attacks and rarely offer constructive opinions. Now he complains that the Mumbai police has purchased weapons without conducting tests that he would have liked. In an article, "Mumbai Police modernisation generates controversy" he claims,
Ill-planned efforts to upgrade the counter-terrorism capabilities of the Mumbai Police may have led to the acquisition of outdated and inappropriate weapons, highly placed government sources told The Hindu.

So what did the Government actually purchase?
- Colt M4 5.56-millimetre carbine A real awesome modern Carbine used by NATO for its operations. It can kick the shit out of an AK-47. Hello Mr.Terrorist say hello meet my little friends.
- Brügger & Thomet sub-compact MP9 Real compact weapon which can fire hundreds of rounds in close range with little recoil and high accuracy.
The other two, he Smith & Wesson Military and Police 9-millimetre pistol as a personal sidearm and the M107 50-calibre Special Application Rifle are nothing to be sneezed at.
Our policemen and women had antique rifles, handguns to tackle the terrorists. Now Praveen Swami would have them use those antique weapons than getting some state of the art weapons to kick the terrorist butts. He goes on to make statements without proper evidence like,
Notably, the committee did not hold consultations with the Maharashtra Police and the NSG, which have primary responsibility for counter-terrorism roles in Mumbai.

Getting weapons is often an activity played close to the chest. It is not a beauty contest or a car buying spree to list out all the specifics to the public. As usual "unnamed sources" (Harry Potter and Hari Puttar) are used to spill the beans, one of whom states,
"It is our job to act as a facilitator of modernisation and not to sit in judgment on what equipment best meets the needs of a particular state. While we may have our concerns, we do not wish to be cast as spoilers,” a senior official said.

A tip, if you are reading this Praveen, stop being an annoying whiny bitch and start offering something constructive for a change.


Anonymous said...

Dear friend...
Even though I am also a hater of chindu, I can't agree with what you have written about Praveen Swami's story. I am not an expert on arms. But his article appeared to me like a neat professional work. That too without the usual chindu-fixations. I think we, the hapless readers of the chindu, should encourage chindu to publish such well-researched stories; instead of the usual 'hindu-biting, muslim-licking drivel'

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Could you clarify a bit about "such well researched stories" and its relevance to the current article?
You hit the nail on the head when you said, "his article appeared to me like a neat professional work."
Appearances, my friend are often deceptive. If you have followed Praveen's work it is obvious that his writing tends to be unfairly critical, bereft of any constructive suggestions and borders on the side of support to the terrorists. The argument here is more about the content than the presentation.
Please read the article and my comments with a view towards the content and let me know of your comments.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese ambassador travels all the way from Delhi down south to check out his comrades at Kasturi Building.

Hence, Chindu proudly proclaims in the photo caption thus:

Zhang Yan, Chinese Ambassador to India, and his wife Chen Wangxia, present a memento to N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, at the newspaper's office in Chennai on Tuesday. N. Ravi, Editor, is at right.


Presumably the details for Chief's next tour to Lhasa and Beijing were also worked out. After all, the Chinese govt. should have been immensely pleased with the return on their investment so far.

Shankar said...

I agree with DD. The article may appear neat but you can't find much substance in it.

Anonymous guys, please consider giving yourself a nickname while commenting. Use the Name/URL option. No need for actual names.

kuttychathan said...

I am the anonymous author who wrote the first comment. I am glad that Mr.DD has reacted to my comments. May be he is right. Frankly I don't know. Nowadays, I don't read Chindu, much. And as I have said in my first comment, I am not an expert on arms. Mr. DD had asked me to re-read Mr.Praveen Swamy's story. I didn't; because I didn't have the stomach to do that. Normally, I rarely read articles/reports by Mr. Praveen Swami. So, as Mr. DD has pointed out "appearances could be deceptive". What made me read this particular story was a suspicion that Mr.Swami was calling it a suspicious deal, because India was about to buy arms from Israel. But when I read the story, I found that my suspicion was baseless.

Anyway, Mr. DD and I have the same goal. To Expose Chindu. Even while moving towards the same goal, we can have difference of opinions: as true Hindus. After all Amartya Sen has called us 'Argumentative Indians'.

Now, as Mr. Shankar has suggested, I have given myself a nickname. Hope all of you like my name; eventhough you may not like my views!

narasimhan said...

You guys are the "arm-chair" critics. Praveen Swami gathers his intelligence data from the harshest of field conditions.

Now, take this:

What rights you have earned as a terrorism expert, I cannot fathom.

But, you have every right to criticise Mr.Swami.

But, calling one of the foremost experts of Islamic terrorism of India as an Idiot, shows you in poor light. You certainly come across one who has lost it totally.


(I just stumbled this blog entry thru' google and may never come back here...if u respond to my comment, mark a copy to my email)

nehra_A said...

i disagree with your thoughts on p swami, i dont need to prove his competence as he is an aclaimed journalist in the print media and ,frankly reading your posts gives me an impression that you get your info from hollywood movies.
"Colt M4 5.56 is a real awesome modern carbine and is used by NATO forces"
firstly, who the hell gave you this bull crap! It is not a standard NATO firearm(NATO forces use the same round for their assault rifles ie '5.56 NATO' not the same weapons) it is only used by yankees and even they are replacing it with HK416 because of it getting frequently jammed and not being able to withstand extreme conditions.
secondly, as far as its comparison with AK is considered its 5.56 round is no match to the 7.62 of the AK at medium ranges. Even the brits have been whining about this for a long time.
Thirdly, it was quiet foolish for mumbai police to go for M4 and other assorted carbines, they could have chosen zitara which is already being manufactured in india. Obviously this purchase was done to satisfy your and other keyboard commandoes like you, fetish for american equipment and swat looks.
i really cant figure out where you have got your expertise on firearms and terrorism but atleast do some basic googling before coming up with such stuff so atleast you dont sound worse then the newbies out there