Monday, April 27, 2009

In today's news - DMK farce, Mayawati's charge and others

In what has become a real farce(or fast?) the DMK's opportunistic support to the Tamil cause after months of fighting which coincides with the elections reached a pinnacle with the CM Mr. Karunanidhi conducting a hunger fast after breakfast. And called it off just before lunch. All this came and went when the Sri Lankan Govt. had already given signs that it was going to call a ceasefire.
Look at the photo below, Mu Ka surrounded by his wives, confidants, security, Air Conditioned comfort and servants and medical staff.
I'm sure Gandhi did not have the same idea when he started doing his Satyagrahas. BTW where was this action hero Mu Ka when thousands of civilians were brutally killed in a genocide by the Sinhalese army?

In other news Mayawati rightly complains that the Congress has unfairly looted the country for 61 years. According to her,
the Congress responsible for poverty and unemployment in the country and said if the BSP is voted to power at the Centre it would focus on the welfare of the “sarv samaj.

Yup, she and her BSP goons would redistribute the wealth from Congress pockets to her purse. Thanks Maya memsaab.

And in a search for Mummies in Egypt the tomb diggers found some... tombs!
Dr. Zahi Hawass pre-eminent archeologist in his usual style said,
there is someone important buried in the temple.

Which means it could be anyone from Cleopatra to her maid servant to her cat. Importance is quite relative and in the ever moving desert that is Egypt no one really knows.

The Christian church in Kerala has thrown its weight behind the communists by starting labour forums for all workers. Not sure if the leaders of these churches know that one of communism's primary goals is the abolition of religion.


Anonymous said...

Of the two women appearing in the picture, who is the 'asli' wife and who is the 'naqvi' wife of MuKa...?

Anonymous said...

Our Chief got a scoop of sorts, during the "fast" of the other Chief (Minister). In the last page of the print edition, readers are treated to a photo of the CM reading (attentively) Chindu! - while still undergoing his early morning "fast".

Anonymous said...

Well the Communists are atheist everywhere else in the world. In India they are just anti-hindu ;)

Dirt Digger said...

anonymous #1,
haha good one. Both and many more are asli wives. Naqlis are the ones not in the pic.

Dirt Digger said...

Yup thats the scary part. A 100 year old dude who's blind in one eye and crazy as hell is the main celebrity reading the newspaper!!

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #3,
Good one. thanks for your thoughts.
Lets hope commies get their a$$es get handed.