Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flawed democracy

Secular appeasement has been the norm ever since the time of the First Prime Minister(TM). Chindu maintains stoic silence when it encounters secular terrorism but quickly gets into delusional rants when it sniffs any hindu resistance. All its ranting does little to change the ground reality or people's perceptions.
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> There is nothing called a dull election
In 2004 Muslims voted with passion and unity for either the Congress or its allies. In this election, their vote is splintering, with the candidate rather than the party being the principal draw. In Varanasi, they have voted for Mukhtar Ansari, a man who they have not seen, for the good reason that he is in prison. Ansari is considered a criminal, but he has the right name. Elsewhere, the vote has gone to Mulayam Singh Yadav or to new parties that are unafraid to say that they will represent only the Muslim interest.

View this along with Manmohan's "first right to muslims" statement and we have a terribly flawed democracy in our country.

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