Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chindu hammers Hindu superstitions

In a brutal section called Spiritual supermarket Chindu rolls out not one but three articles:

Apparently one K.S. Shaji, associate professor with the Department of Psychiatry in the Thrissur Government Medical College says,
People often ask why fake godmen thrive in Kerala, a highly literate State. Linguistic and numerical literacy has little to do with mental maturity and emotional intelligence. People’s insecurity breeds charlatans, impostors and cheats who quote the scripture for their purpose. People rush to godmen when they face crises, material or existential. It could be a problem your friend or a family member can help you handle, but you trust the quizzical smile of a business-savvy monk more

To which I say, why don't you start first by asking the question to the Pastors and Priests in Churches and Ulemas of Mosques for running fictional religions?
There are a lot of con artists robbing the public blind. But that is not in one religion alone. Targeting the Hindu religion unfairly focuses the blame when all other religions are guilty of the same. Where is the accountability of the holy waters of the Churches or the various mosques where miracles are a daily affair?
Some fairness in journalistic investigation and lack of bias would serve this newspaper well.


Anonymous said...

"The Hindu" has its own superstitions, such as secularism, intellectual superiority of the commies, the glory of China etc.

Dirt Digger said...

Good one. Let me send that to the editor and see if it will be published :)