Thursday, April 30, 2009

CBCNN presents swine of the week sponsored by Chindu.

To the readers, if you find any quote by a politician, media personality or other in the Chindu which is idiotic or annoying or whiny please post it as a comment. Weekly we'll gather it an select the worst of the lot as the swine of the week.

This week's Winner: Mr. Vayalar Ravi Union minister for Overseas Indian Affairs. when asked about giving NRI's the right to vote,
It’s not possible.What electoral control can there be?...the task of collecting ballots of such a magnitude is daunting.

Mr. Ravi if you cannot provide this basic service to NRI's then why the heck are you a Minister? Why are the tax payers wasting their money paying this ignorant dumbass who cannot even find out how other countries are providing similar services for their non resident citizens?

Honorable mention:Bachchan family when asked whom they voted for?

Mera Bharat Mahan.


kuttychathan said...

The Hindu has played down yesterday's train accident near Chennai. For all the Malayalam news papers I read, it was the lead story. But the story appeared on page 7 of the The Hindu (Kerala Edition). Again, the Malayalam news papers have followed up on the accident, today also. But there is no word about the accident in today's Kerala Edition of The Hindu. Whenever Ram & co plays down a story, it could be found that some vested interest were involved. Is there a jehadi or marxist link to the train accident?

DD...Your decision to institute a swine award is most welcome. I have another suggestion. Every week, a Hindu journalist who comes up with the best 'secular' story should be given the jackass award...

Anonymous said...

"Every week, a Hindu journalist who comes up with the best 'secular' story should be given the jackass award".

The competition will be tough, with Chief himself leading the list, at times!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

i suspect, khare will win on most occasions. this jackass is hard to beat.

kuttychathan said...

Yes..the competition will be very tough.And there is one who can beat even the 'mighty' Khare.She is Malini.She used to spill her secular spleen all over edit page, on alternate days while she was running the show. Alas, when Ram took over, he sent Malini to the kitchen to make thairusatham & filter coffee

Anonymous said...

Malini's virulent secular (anti-Hindu and anti-BJP) credentials easily enable her to qualify as the head of "The Hindu' Taliban.

Dirt Digger said...

I'm not sure what was the root cause of the train accident. But given the elections LiC has bigger fish to fry.
Hmm jackass of the week. That has a good ring to it. Yup we can add that, hope our readers can contribute to the nomination process :)

Dirt Digger said...

Well said, LiC leads in many distinguishing categories.

Dirt Digger said...

haha yeah Khare is a bad writer following absurd plotlines. He'll be a strong candidate every time his article is published.

Dirt Digger said...

kuttychathan, Anonymous,
Yup MP is the old rabid dog which is let out to howl once a month.
Though I'd say LiC would be the head of the "Hindu" taliban.

kuttychathan said...

While all others would be competing to become the 'swine' or 'jackass', week after week, I am sure nobody would object if the 'crown of the clown' went week after week to our beloved reader's editor.