Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sainath on Intellectual bankruptcy in media

Good article.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : No issues: a recession of the intellect
There is little in the media that informs our audiences that we are part of the greatest economic crisis the world has seen in 80 years, the worst since the Great Depression.


Sandesh said...

Agree totally with the statement of Sainath.
But then again, with ToI, HT and DNA type toilet papers, chindu type radical ones, non-entities like Deccan herald/chronicle.... what else can we expect.

BTW, the TV channels are even worse. Sometime ago, I read a nice article by Kalpana Sharma on The Hoot on similar lines (intellectual bankruptcy of media). Its also worth checking out.

kuttychathn said...

Despite all its sins, fetishes, & blunders, The Hindu is the only news paper which has a professional & serious view on the news. That is why we are baying after it.
Now, Kasturi & Sons publish two news papers. I wish they had published one more news paper which is really impartial & balanced in its news coverage & views

Anonymous said...

notice something strange in todays' (20th Apr) letters to the editor ? Has the paper mgmt changed?

Shankar said...

N Ram creates history - supports Advani!

reason said...

The Hindu almost endorses Advaniji in its editorial today -

This taskforce that Advaniji appointed had S.Gurumurthy and Prof Vaidyanathan. Their columns have appeared in the Business-Line, but I dont ever remember seeing them in Hindu.

Vote BJP. Vote Lotus.

kuttychathan said...

As Anonymous & Shankar has pointed out some minor changes in the policy of The Hindu have been visible for the last two days.
1. The 'letters to the editor' carries letters critical of The Hindu's stand.
2. The editorial today, supports the BJP's stand on secret Swiss bank accounts.
...Similarly, today's edit page article is by Amitabh Mattoo, who is not one among the usual blockheads, from Anna Salai Think Tank, who noramlly dominate the edit & op-ed pages of The Hindu.
But remember friends,
These are mock shows at editorial-balance, which they themselves know, would fool none.
Remember...Ram himself held an interview with Advani, and splashed it on the pages of The Hindu, few months ago.
Also, don't forget that,
1. Ram is still the chief
2. Malini is still his deputy
3. Harish Khares, Neena Vyases, Hassan Suroors, Siddharth Varadarajans, Anitha Joshuas, etc... are still freely prowling around.
...Then how can there be real change at Anna Salai?

Anonymous said...

>> ..Then how can there be real change at Anna Salai?

money can be a reason? there is a global recession. losing any more subscriptions in this climate can be damaging to those in the family who are holding stake. I do note the names you list out, but Chindu is not exactly a house-of-corporate-governance. it is still owned and operated by the family.

yeah, I am not saying that LiC had a change of heart or anything. I was actually pretty pissed that Advani chose to give this ghouls an interview, and worse still, paid them a visit at their home.

Anonymous said...

Harish Khare, Neena Vyas et al are essentially paid workers engaged to write within the pseudo-secular boundaries laid out by the management (now controlled by Ram & Co.). If and when there will be a change, they will bend and bow to the new team or if they are so ideologically committed, then walk out and search for redder pastures.

Shankar said...

Anonymous guys here: instead of posting anonymous, please use the Name/URL option and give yourself a name or nickname. No need for real names.

Shyam said...

@ Reason: S. Gurumurthy's article on how caste helps in economic uplifting of sections of society was published before 4-6 weeks in Hindu

kuttychathan said...

Thank you Shyam... I missed that one by Gurumurthy. But see friends, today's edit page article by Hassan Suroor & the "news analysis" by Neena Vyas.
I suspect that the brief of Hassan is not to report the news from the region, but to write about the muslims in the region.
If Hindu is hit by fall in circulation, they can start publishing from West Bengal. With the explosive growth in muslim population there, thanks to infiltration from Bangladesh, The Hindu has a bright future there. If people refuses to buy The Hindu, Ram's comrades would break their legs and hands. And if Telegraph proves to be a formidable rival, Ram's jehadi comrades would burn down the office of the paper accusing it of being anti-muslim. As they have been doing all over India, ever since Independance.