Monday, April 27, 2009

The law of assumptions

Using a different yardstick to judge the BJP and the Congress.

Devil's Advocate: Arun Shourie on black money issue
Arun Shourie to Karan Thapar: Which book of logic do you get this new phrase called the ‘law of assumption’ which you will apply only to Mr Advani 's phrases and not to your phrases.

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Anonymous said...

There is one aspect of Chindu which we have largely not touched upon till now. This is the "MADRAS MISCELLANY" section which appears every Monday, written by "Historian" S. MUTHIAH. His writings occasionally throw up some interesting titbits about the history of Madras. But, by and large, he is very Anglo-centric taking great pains, stretching and bending himself to great extremes to discover some obscure news about some irrelevant English folks (who happened to boss over the city), churches, cemeteries etc.

For example, he would write about some A.B. Smith who sold shoes in a corner on the Mount Road circa 1890 and who also played cricket with some local nabobs. Next week, a reader would correct him saying that it was not A.B. Smith, but C.D. Smith and he did not sell shoes, but might have played cricket with some Rao Sahibs. A few weeks later, Mr. Muthiah would get a touching letter from Scotland from another Smith saying that he is the direct descendent of the shoe-seller Smith and the original Smith was actually E.F. Smith.

Now coming to the point. In his latest write-up on the history of Madras, Mr. Muthiah proudly presents the following "secular" information to the folks:

".....P. Rajagopaul, A. Venkataramiah and S. Ethirajulu were Anderson's first converts.

They were baptised in 1841, and all three were ordained 10 years later.

In 1849-50, Anderson and Rajagopaul went to Scotland where Rajagopaul preached at several General Assembly and other churches."

Thus, we know that Rev. Anderson not only harvested black souls, but also took one of the first converts to be shown off to his countrymen. And we should be blessed to be in the city which provided the "first converts" to the Rev. Anderson from Scotalnd.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, we may get more and more information about the other converts of Rev. Anderson.