Thursday, April 09, 2009

Photo of the day

Thanks to an anonymous user, this is the photo of the day and added comments of the implicit thoughts :)

China and India should work together for the interests of developing countries on the global financial and economic stage, including cooperation on such issues as a new world reserve currency, according to Zhang Yan, China’s Ambassador to India.

Really Mr. Yan? I believe Mao and Chou said the said the same thing before the war of 1962.


kuttychathan said...

Mr. Ram seems to have got a chinese look. His head looks like a cross between Mao's head & Pol Pot's head. Amn't I correct? No wonder he is drooling for china...

Shankar said...

Awkward Logic. Dunno how this piece of crap go onto the opinion page.

frightenedtoreadchindu said...

Each morning I dread to read chindu. Yesterday's print edition had a center-page interview with Mr. Yan, a story about something inconsequential in china and an obligatory news item in the International section.

I wonder what today will be like.

BTW, very nice and apt photo :)