Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christian communist terrorists aka Maoists attack 5 states on Election day

In what appears to be a coordinated attack which killed at least 18 people the Maoist terrorists or Christian communist terrorists have attacked 5 states in India, Orissa, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Bihar.
There are multiple reports confirming the same. Here's one from Rediff and another from Indian Express.
Chindu as usual censors the violence limiting it to one or two individual states.
More on this soon.


Shankar said...

Months of planning went into Naxal attacks

Thyagarajan said...

I am not sure if we could attribute the Maoist attack to the Christian terrorist or merely to them. It is the mainstream left parties who are playing with the Countrries internal security to promote their interests. It has also become a norm form all parties to have a political party and a backing of a particular set-up which would do such things which cannot normally be done by a formal mainstream political party. However, it is only the BJP, which is accused of their relationship with their non-political counterpart, while the LEft and the Congress seems to be getting away scot free in rspect of these insinuations. We all know how Sitaram yechuri was actively involved with the Nepalese Maoists and played a key role in installing them in power. It would be foolish to believe that the Communists in India take an active interest in only outside the Country guerillas and not with the local ones. But they seem to be getting away eith their double speak as Chindu and others barely sermonise on these matters

kuttychathan said...

I live in Kerala. I have had opportunities to watch the modus operandi of the christian missionaries from close quarters, for several years.

In Kerala, the Syrian Christian community, became immensely rich by clearing lakhs of hectares forest land during the the 20th century and cultivating rubber, spices and other cash crops. During the process, they have plundered, raped and killed lakhs of tribals. The plight of tribals in Kerala has often been compared to the plight of aboriginals in Australia & red-indians in the US.

Thousands of Christian missionaries from Kerala have fanned out allover India, building schools, hospitals and orphanages in every part of India. But they have failed to win many converts. So they adopted the Liberation Theology from Latin America, to stir up class struggle among the wretched tribals & dalits in poverty stricken parts of the country. This is sheer opportunism. The christian missionaries will never preach Liberation Theology to tribals in Kerala, because Syrian Christians are themselves are their worst oppressors.

The missionaries are the most insidious people of the world. They always smile & speak softly. They never indulge themselves in violence. But they promote violence. They are clever & powerful enough to cover up their links with naxallites.

Anonymous said...

Amen to the revealations on the "revealed" religion.