Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Say no to Cut and Run

An interview on TimesNow that's worth your time, especially if you're going to vote. 

As regards the IPL issue, a counterargument is being made that we should accept the reality that the security situation is not good in the country. And hence moving the games is justified instead of false idealism. Well, this is a little too facile. There's no perfect system as such and we have to fight with the sources we have, not with the sources we want. We've tried poverty alleviation, women's equality and countless other initiatives which have arguably not succeeded. Should we then make cut and run our official policy, since reality says that these worthy causes are false ideals?

India might do well with such cynicism, but the aam aadmi of Bharat desperately needs the optimism that says surrender is not an option.

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