Friday, April 24, 2009

The new kid on the block

The Hindu : Front Page : Communalism in coastal Karnataka
The same evening when over one lakh frenzied people turned up for the Hindu Samajothsava on March 15 at Mangalore,
On the evening when Govind D. Belgaumkar saw one lakh frenzied Hindus intent on hurting the minorities, the Catholic church heard this message:
On March 15, Surendra Kumar Jain, an official of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (world Hindu council), urged Hindu youths to unite to build a strong nation. Addressing a Hindu gathering in Mangalore, he said the country is under attack from religious conversion, terrorism and anti-Hindu activities.
Govind works at the Infantry Road office and can be reached at +91-80-22864240. He might have a few interesting stories to say about Hindutva mobs, although he is not in the same league as Arundhati Roy.


Shankar said...

New kid knows the way to top in his establishment.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be part of an organised show by the desi Angrezi media. A few days back, the New Indian Express carried a similar article (aiyyo, aiyyo, secualrism in danger in Karnataka) by the Bangalore editor of this once-glorious paper. All these media barons behave as if they are paid to sing "glory to god" loudly and at the same putting down the Hindus in the guise of saving secularism. Nothing but neo-colonial agenda by the crusaders and their local agents.