Friday, April 10, 2009

The biased coverage of the Palestinian issue

There are few issues where LIC and his comrades will not publish the opposite viewpoints like:
  • Tibet - China Issue - Tibetian viewpoints are almost absent
  • CPM's absolute leadership in Indian politics - no explanation needed
  • Palestinian-Israel issue - Israel's views do not merit mention
  • Why Hinduism does not deserve to exist - Ironic isn't it, cHindu does not support the rights of Hindus.
  • US and Western imperialism

In that vein chindu publishes an article,"Palestinians need a partner for peace"  another Palestinian activist Manuel Hassassian blames Israel for all of Palestine's current ills.
Mr. Netanyahu’s slogan of an “economic peace” is no substitute for a just and lasting peace. Ending Israel’s occupation is not on his agenda; trying to normalise the occupation is. Instead of an independent state, he is offering Palestinians nothing more than a cluster of cantons with limited self-rule.

This article is nothing more than propaganda by a PLO politician. Any principled newspaper would give the opposite side, in this case the Israeli side a chance to express its viewpoint. This issue is one of the most convoluted issue with its long and checkered history. Presenting one biased side of the events is stooping down to yellow journalism levels. But what more can we expect from the LiC?


S. said...

There is also another issue which the LIC will never take cognicance. It pertains to Tamilnadu. Yes, "the hate speeches" of Dravida Kazhaghamadapathis and their ardent disciples like Seeman and Mani. Can "The Chindu" take a legal look on the "hate speeches" made and published in "Viduthalai" and inform the readers whether these writings can be branded as "Hate speeches" as those of Varun?

kuttychathan said...

If you make an analysis of the articles published in the edit pages & op-ed pages of The Hindu, you can find that 90% of the articles published involves Muslims & their problems. It is nobody's case that Muslims have no problems & their problems should not be highlighted. What I protest against is the lack of a sense of proportion. If I am correct, almost 75% of the readers of The Hindu are Hindus. But, their problems are never discussed in the edit or op-ed pages of The Hindu. Not even in the 'Letters to the Editor' column. Whenever Hindus are mentioned, you can rest assured they are being portrayed as feudal, communal & anti-democratic.The owners of The Hindu may counter my point by saying that they are simply promoting 'human-rights' & 'minority-rights'. But let me point out that human-rights & minority-rights are universal values, not only applicable to India alone, but equally applicable to all other nations also. Even children know that when it comes to violation of human-rights & minority-rights Islamic countries are worst offenders. But such instances are never reported on the pages of The Hindu

kuttychathan said...

...And one more point, my dear friends. Let me invite your attention to page 3 of today's Sunday Magazine of The Hindu. The page carries the 'media matters' column by Ms. Sevanti Ninan. Today's headline is "Kashmir Jigsaw". She says that despite the global economic slowdown, despite the lack of ad support, media in Kashmir is thriving.

I have been wondering how, despite the global economic slowdown - because of which several newspapers have closed down in the West - The Hindu is thriving. I think Ms. Ninan's column gives some clues to this puzzle.

Another interesting tidbit I got from her column: the NDTV correspondent in Srinagar is living in a ministerial bungalow. I am dying with curiosity to know where the correspondent of The Hindu lives.

I am still wondering how this column got through the secular-filters in Anna Salai.

Dirt Digger said...

Is it easy to take a one sided stand about an issue thousands of miles away with Chennai having an insignificant Jewish population in size or something nearby which can really light a fire?
LiC is canny enough to realize that hate statements in Viduthalai and other tamil magazines are best ignored as its a lose-lose situation for Chindu if it chooses to cover it.

Dirt Digger said...

You are absolutely right. That is a prime reason why this and other blocks take on the Indian media for their biased coverage and misplaced attitude. A large part has to do with the fact that many of the key people like LiC have been educated in the West in the 60s and 70s when the civil rights movements for minorities was a driving force. They decided that media is a tool to focus on minority rights only and should expose every flaw in the majority population which meant well in a country like the US where majority has significant powers.
But translate that to a country like India, it makes little sense.

kuttychathan said...

Friends one point I failed to notice earlier. Recently, The Hindu published an interview with Dalai Lama in op-ed page. Eve though the questions were timid and the answers were carefully edited to suit China's taste, it still appeared a minor-change from Hindu's 'demonise Dalai Lama Policy'. The interview was held by one Mr. Ananth Krishnan, who I am told, is a junior member of Kasturi family. What does it point to? Any hope for change in the future? I would like to know what my friends think...

Anonymous said...

You are right. The appearance of this interview with the Dalai Lama was somewhat intriguing given Chief's visceral hatred for Tibetans in general and the Dalai Lama, in particular. May be the saner elements within the ruling establishment are beginning to assert themselves?