Thursday, April 09, 2009

Awkard logic

It takes some talent to beat the stalwarts in Chindu. Deepa Kurup, who has earlier argued for free, open source software (link) , is upset that BJP is supporting this cause.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The BJP’s awkward embrace of Free Software
Left parties have for long backed the Free Software movement politically. It is surprising that the BJP, with its strong pro-corporate and pro-patent leanings, should back this cause.

She straight-jackets BJP as pro-corporate and raises an objection. What exactly is the objection, Deepa?
As for their new stance on “digital standards” — that is, proprietary claims on algorithms and software programmes — the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government, notably, was the first to amend the Patent Act in March 1999 and in June 2002 as part of the WTO agreement under Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

"Corporates such as IT majors Infosys and TCS have long lobbied for patents" and "digital standards" is in favour of corporates.
a senior spokesperson from Microsoft, a company that will be hit hardest by an OS regime, told The Hindu that the company is “encouraged by the focus on IT by political parties,” describing the policy of the Government of India as one of “technology neutrality.”

And Microsoft finds the BJP initiative encouraging.

So, I have to ask the question again: what is your objection, Deepa?

The BJP’s discovery of the virtues of OS would appear to sit uncomfortably with its slogan “Let a hundred Bangalores bloom.”

With nothing in the article to support how BJP's strategy is in conflict with its vision, it is obvious that Deepa is getting delusional.
There is a need to strike balance between open-source and commercial software. Exclusive open-source initiatives can leave the students irrelevant in corporate world. Even while pushing for open-source, it is important to protect the intellectual property rights of commercial vendors as they are driven by the same cause as open-source. Deepa is obviously mixing up issues, thus demonstrating that she has no understanding of the economics and motivations of the players within the industry. As is the hallmark of any writer on chindu, her article is driven by a blind hatred towards and opposition to BJP. She is left in a tricky situation here because BJP and Left are on the same side on this issue. She has to oppose out of ideological compulsions (anti-BJP) but cannot do so to the extent of hurting the communists (pro-Left).


Pilid said...

This was a non-sequitur and struck me for its absurdity. And to post it on the front page only adds to the hilarity.

Yojimbo said...

An irrational blindness towards the forked-tongue of BJP's OS stance would be this product of silliness. The OS movement has been demeaned by having the BJP mouth it for its vote bank politics.
The blog's illiteracy in matters OpenSource is best not exhibited the next time around.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

you expose your arrogance and ignorance by saying that the opensource movement is demeaned by having bjp supporting it. you have exhibited no great understanding of the opensource movement by making such illogical statement. any of your literary haughtiness will be consigned to trash if you cant make a single coherent argument. bugger off.

kuttychathan said...


You can't see the truth, as such, because your are wearing ideological blinkers, either of the marxist or the jehadi variety.

Both the Open Source software & Proprietary Software have their relevance in their respective spheres of use.

Even after a decade of rabid attack by the OS fundamentalists, the PS has refused to die away.

All of us know that, most of the OS supporters are employed in big transnational software companies, drawing big salaries. They spent their spare time for OS movement.
So the truth is - whether you accept it or not - that the big companies making PS are cross-subsidising the OS movement.

Of course, the schools, hospitals, offices, etc in the government sector, should adopt OS. Private sector will continue to use PS.

I think BJP should be lauded for finally accepting the relevance of the OS for the government sector.

If as you fear, BJP is going backtrack on its promise on OS, the all powerfull OS movement in India can frogmarch the BJP leaders to their camp and make them act on their promise.

Yojimbo said...

Hindu Fundamentalist - Your empty rhetoric and the publication of the initial article is a testament of your hypocrisy towards intellectual claims. When you are a bastard, it shows sooner than later and its best to keep quiet than let people like me find out.

Kuttychattan - The most childish way to waive off debate is their ideology. Im not going to say that you were beat up by the commies and thats why you behave like this.

The point of the article and the point that you very consistently miss is the fact that the BJP is never going to keep any of its promises. It merely is trying to sweet-talk all sections of the educated populace with its poison laden toffees.
The only good that could be possible is that since Advanisaurus has no idea what is being written in his IT manifesto, perhaps the BJP can be arm-twisted later to the side of keeping promises.
As for MNCs...- All techies will only be found in MNCs big or small - So whats your point ???

kuttychathan said...

You have succeeded in being rude to fellow commentators. But "your literary haughtiness" & your rudeness cannot defeat the points we have made.

Whether my "childish way to waive off debate" is because I was "beaten up by commies", is besides the point.

I have tried to make the following points in my comments.

1. BJP should be applauded for finally accepting the relevance of OS.

2. If the BJP fails to act on its promise on OS, when it comes to power, then the OS supporters can expose them before the public. That is the way democracy works...

3. Proprietary Software companies are unwittingly cross-subsidising the OS movement.

Unfortunately you have failed to address any of the above points I have made. Instead you are pouring abuse on all of us.

Yojimbo said...

My dear Kuttychathan,
Haughtiness is both relative and often skewed by personal perception, hence difficult to judge - a personal opinion at best.
Your points stood invalidated if you read the article which prompted the response on this blog. Perhaps a re-read of the article might give you a better insight into what the author was grinning at. Im not going to waste my time duplicating the same.
The BJP now plans to reform itself and adopt what is actually an ideology without a second's hesitation. OS != FS - which was what unwittingly coaxed the BJP into to adopt this stance in the first place.
As for the contribution of proprietary software - the damage has been done. The prodigious pace of improvement in software now is a testament to the fact of how long and serious the stifling grip of Messrs Microsoft & gang was.

Democracy has been one of the most abused terms by our democrats. On verifying, you might feel that the word that you were searching for was a much less romantic accountability.

Au revoir.

kuttychathan said...

Your 'last post' is typically post-modern-marxist. Hide behind high-sounding nonsense, when you lose the argument. That is what people of your class do... Thanks for going...