Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Oracle of craziness- Mulayam Singh Yadav

There are politicians who play to agendas, politicians who are plain ignorant of ground realities. Both are agreeable in certain ways. But what scares me are politicians who are out in the zone. One particular example is Mulayam Singh Yadav. His statements borders often on the edge of insanity by normal human standards. But Mr. Atiq Khan of Chindu portrays him as the new Lincoln or Lenin of India.
Releasing the manifesto, SP president Mulayam Singh said regional imbalance — whether at the national or international level — gave birth to terrorism.

Actually the motivation of the terrorists is rooted in an idiosyncratic interpretation of the Quran and other Islamic tenets of faith.
How is cross border terror solved? Mulayam's answer-
On tackling cross-border terrorism, the SP chief said that as long as physical barriers divided India from Pakistan and Bangladesh, terrorism would flourish.

How would Mulayam handle phenomenon of globalization and technological advances? His answer, head back to the stone age,
Accusing the previous governments of promoting forward trading, share market and the mall and multiplex culture in the country, Mr. Singh said the SP-supported government at the Centre would either reverse the trend or impose a ban on it. Importance would be given to human labour and workers would not be enslaved by computers and machines. He drew a parallel between harvesters and computers and said both would render the poor jobless.

To think that a stupid country hick like Mulayam could be PM in a few months is really scary. His remarks about open borders are a strong reminder to Indians all around that many of our enemies often live within our borders. Our media should take a strong stand in questioning the logic of such statements and not give him a free pass because he loves minorities and claims to be secular.

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