Friday, April 24, 2009

And in today's news

Chindu agrees that there are not only Hindu bigots, but now Christian and Islamic fundamentalists have joined the fray in Karnataka.

President Patil in her money wasting tour stopped by Poland and empathized with their loss of lives, I mean life(one Polish engineer was killed) by the Taliban in Pakistan,
Pointing out that India had been suffering terrorism “from across the border” for more than two decades, she condoled with the gruesome murder of a Polish engineer by the Taliban in Pakistan in February 2009.

Condoled with the gruesome murder, I know one condoles a gruesome murder, how does one with the murder? One condoles with a person or family or community. Hmm Chindu's language skills are diminishing.

In what appears to be a calculated move the Taliban fighters decided to withdraw after the mighty Pak army leader Gen. Kayani flexed his muscles saying,
“determined to root out the menace of terrorism from society” with people’s support. “Victory against terror and militancy will be achieved at all cost,”

after getting approval to say so from Mullah Omar.

Elsewhere Praveen Swami discusses Pakistan and the Taliban’s stateless power
As usual he copies someone else's ideas (and in this case Jakub Grygiel's who had written an essay in The Policy Review) and tries to pass it off as his own.
Pakistan’s elites have proved adroit at transforming the apocalyptic fears raised by the prospect of a jihadist coup into hard cash. Between 2002 and 2008, the U.S. spent $11.2 billion to help Pakistan combat terrorism and enhance security. But the cash has, quite evidently, done little to persuade Islamabad to abandon its march into the abyss. It is becoming clear that the war against jihadist terrorism cannot be won without first finding ways to transform the worldview and institutional interests of Pakistan’s army.

Really Mr.Swami how did you manage to expose the fact that the Pakistani army and ISI are actually terrorists wearing military garb? You Sir are the premier investigative journalist of this generation. Let me ask President Patil to present you with the Padma Gadha award when she comes back from her tours.

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Kuttychathan said...

DD... Some of our friends were expressing their hope & wish that a wind of change was blowing through Anna Salai. The Hindu was slowly going back to its glorious past, they hoped. I think that they would have shed all such hopes, today. The Hindu is back to being Chindu. As several of our friends have pointed out, a new star has risen in the secular firmament of the Hindu. This time, his location is in Bangalore. Khare sahib is back. Comrade Karat has started dominating the pages. Tomorrow we can expect a marxist-jehadi paeans from the inexorable Kasim Sait... Only Ram's heartthrob, Brinda Karat remains still elusive...