Monday, April 13, 2009

Editorial censorship and more

Recently there were a couple of major articles on Chindu pointed out by our readers kuttychathan and Gandaragolaka. While these 2 articles have nothing in common, just that the newspaper stops short of doing what its supposed to do. Let me clarify here, both these stories give ample opportunity for the newspaper to do some investigative journalism. But some powers be it conservative editors or lack of investigative journalistic spirit or secular filters prevent these articles from going the full distance.
The articles are: Kashmir Jigsaw by Sevanti Ninan
and Exorcising 1984.
Do take a look and let us know of your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Today "THE HINDU wishes its readers
on the occasion of CHITHIRAI THIRUNAL & VISHU".

Would Chindu greet its readers also for "VAIKASI THIRUNAL"? Certainly, Chindu did not extend wishes for "PANGUNI THIRUNAL"!

Chief dare not spell out what is so special about CHITHIRAI THIRUNAL due to the risk of annoying his Dravidian pseudo-rationalist buddies.

Jouranlism of the stinking variety.

kuttychathan said...

I fully agree with Mr.DD. There are several issues which the media would not look into. There are some other issues which media could not let go even after years.Let me give some examples to clarify the point.

The role of congressmen in the anti-sikh riots of 1984, as pointed out by Mr DD is one example. Another issue is the large-scale infiltration of Bangaldeshis into India. They are fanning out to all parts of India. But the media is blind to it.

Having lived in Kerala, I cannot but believe that Christian Missionaries had a hand in the killing of Laxman Swamy in Orissa, which led to widespread violence. I strongly believe that Missionaries were behind the killing, but were clever & powerful enough to cover their role in it. The media should have looked into it. But they didn't.

Anothe issue is the recent attack by terrorists in Mumbai. I canot believe just 12 men from Pakistan could simply row into Bombay, a city they hardly knew, and cause so much death & destruction. There must have been strong logical support from the locals. But the media chose to ignore this angle.

One more point. Recently Muslim fundamentalists attacked The Statesman office in Kolkata. They were protesting against an article published by paper. Later the owner and editor of Statesman were arrested for hurting the sentiments of Muslims. Indian media, by and large, ignored it. Think what would have happened if the protesters were hindus? And the newspaper owner & publisher were arrested by Gujarat Police?

On the other hand there are several issues the media would not allow to die. The first one that comes to mind is Gujarat riots. The other one is the demolition of Babari Masjid.

Dirt Digger said...

Brilliant take on this topic. The only editor with some spine in TN is Cho Ramaswamy, though his dalliances with Amma and Rajni have laid some doubt on his neutrality in issues.
LiC is a joke of an editor at best. He will not take a bold stand on any issues if it affects his bottom line.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. It is great to hear some voices agreeing, than many in silence.
The radical Christian missionary theory is not followed simply because of the international exposure to the issue. This problem was raised earlier during the tsunami when Christians tried to convert people in Sri Lanka and coastal Tamil Nadu.
The problem is that the widespread majority does not have a voice in the media. In the US there is Fox News which focuses on the centre to the right issues and has been successful in fighting the battle.
India needs such a voice.

kuttychathan said...

I fully agree with Mr.DD. I had great hopes for India Today group publications & their news channels. Unfortunately they have degraded themselves by leaving out serious news and concentrating on titillating filmy news.

needchannel said...

For quite a sometime the idea of a "rightist" news channel has been floated around. I believe that if a media group initiates this process the channel will certainly prove to be a hit among the people... Some one has to take initiative and be ready to withstand initial mudslinging by the psec media