Thursday, April 23, 2009

Talk about a lameduck President wasting public money

Maybe its me, but I for one have never understood the concept of having too many Constitutional authorities taking up real estate in Delhi and burning through the tax payers money without contributing anything significantly. The President being one of the biggest.
Even Abdul Kalam who was popular and his advice sought after was pretty much a poster boy without significant contributions. Now with the elections going on, global economy in a serious rut, the terrible Maoist insurgency affecting half the country and 2 neighbors Pakistan and Sri Lanka in desperate civil wars, is it the right time for President Patil to waste public money and go to visit Spain and Poland? Its not like she's Obama trying to rebuild alliances in the Middle East and other parts.
Can't the Europeans wait for a month or two?
I am seriously considering starting a petition or filing a case in the Supreme Court to abolish the post of President and Vice President as they are a burden on the tax payers!!
Here are some pictures of her trip from the enterprising Chindu which gives coverage to her every move.
This is her shaking hands with some European dude.

This is her trying to do some aarti in Poland.


kuttychathan said...

DD...The Readers Editor of Chindu is another ceremonial post that needed to be abolished. Even though, he is not being paid for by the state, ultimately, we readers have to bear his expenses.

Anonymous said...

Narayanan sir could better call himself as Editor's writer, notwithstanding Chief's proud imitation of the Guardian ombudsman.

Dirt Digger said...

Good one. MKN is another annoying whiny bureaucrat. As you said in earlier post, he will ask for your postal address, office address, email, blood group, 10 generations information, horoscope, last birth spouse's name and birth city .....

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. You are right MKN is a puppet of LiC.
Please do use any name in the Name/URL section when submitting your comments.

Sandesh said...

Yes. the editor's writer or writer's editor is just so useless. All he writes about are the print mistakes and general trivia.
Its just another hogwash by LiC to show his "journalism ethics".

Anonymous said...

Trips are better then observing the democratic process in your own country.