Monday, March 31, 2008

Defending true criminals

Recent posts by avid Chindu readers have asked for our comments on this topic. I have taken a stab at this topic, but given the significance of this topic in current social conditions, I would request you the reader to post your thought on this topic to help with the discussion.
One of the toughest jobs in society is the job of a defense lawyer. These people often have to defend the scum of society, in cases knowing they are guilty and still have to stand in court and speak about their client's honest profile and how they saved a kitten from a truck. That however is not the job of a newspaper. The Chindu in its editorial today, decided to defend SIMI and its leader Safdar Nagori. For those who are not informed, SIMI is a Taliban like organization involved in terrorist activities across several states. The editorial by the Chindu is written here,
I usually have a strong stomach to read Chindu's junk, but this one defending the activities of a terrorist organization hits new depths even for the Chindu. Yenmin Ram decides to trade the future of the country defending a terrorist group which has been denounced by its own community. This is the exact same logic followed with the Taliban in the 80s and 90's and look where it lead the world to.
The grammar in the article is poor and with unclear logic it makes for poor reading.
a critical mass of disillusioned young Muslims who had tired of their community’s traditional leadership, and the state’s promises of secularism, equality of opportunity, and democracy.

How many of these young muslims are there?
very bitter about being Indian,” he was voicing and exploiting the rage of a generation. SIMI at the time had an estimated 40,000 ikhwan, or volunteer ‘brothers,’ and upwards of 20,000 people routinely

How many Muslims are there in India? There are about 120 million Muslims in India. How can this miniscule population be representative of an entire community?
There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims who are as patriotic, who participate in the regular processes as any citizen, who do regular jobs, who protect our borders, this article disrespects all the hardworking, honest, patriotic Muslims.
There is no explanation in the Chindu about this. Then the Chindu goes on and rambles,
Embittered at being denied social and economic equity and justice by a rising tide of communal prejudice, and angered by a brutal succession of riots, massacres, and pogroms that scarred the 1980s and 1990s, thousands of young people saw in Mr. Nagori’s calls for jihad

Which riots of the 1980's is he detailing? What pot is Yen Ram smoking? The Delhi riots perhaps, but they were against Sikhs. The imagination of Chindu runs wild here. There is little evidence of any communal prejudice against Muslims alone. Minorities in India have it far better in terms of opportunities in education, business and politics than in most countries in the world. However what they don't need is mollycoddling but idiots like Yen Ram.
The Sachar Committee report offers a quite radical blueprint for the “inclusion and mainstreaming” of India’s 150 million Muslims after addressing the specific “deficits and deprivation” with remarkable honesty.

Statements like these will be followed with plans to increase reservations based on communities in education and Government institutions. Rather than doing that, if they could ensure that the minorities get the proper schooling that would build the right foundation to alleviate any bridge if any. A lot of other minorities are in much worse shape than the Muslims, like say the Kashmiri Pandits, Tibetian expatriates, Goa Christians, people of the North East. You don't hear of these people trying to attack and blow up innocent civilians. Its easy to appease minorities by offering excuses for their current state, but unless you state the bitter truth, the first step in social equality will not be possible.


Anonymous said...

My initial reaction to today's "editorial" was to kill nram .... in a sense we all knew that the psecularists will jump in fray to defend the radical actions of a deranged bunch of terrorists ..aka simi.
The question was when? And almost as a godsend this tram (traitor ram) has done it ... the article looks like it was written by a first year journalist (horrible sentence constructions, no logic, no facts) or a dog licking the legs of it's master ... shame on chindu ... this anti-Indian newspaper should be stopped from being published.

Anonymous said...

Not merely defending criminals, Comrade N Ram is virtually justifying murder, just as he justified the murder of Tibetans a few days ago. But for the "sophistication" in language, this edit could well have been a statement issued by an extremist Islamist front like Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

I totally concur with your thoughts. Defending CPM is one thing, but defending SIMI a terrorist organization is totally another.
Please do address your concerns to the Press Council of India here,
Thats one way the Chindu can be forced to show some accountability.

Anonymous said...

The person to contact is,
The address of the Grievance Officer of the office of Press Council of
India is as below:
Smt. Vibha Bhargava,
Secretary/Director Grievance
Press Council of India
Soochana Bhawan, Phase IV,
8, C.G.O. complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 110 003.
Tel.No: 24368726
Fax No. 24366745/46/47/49 - Extn.224

Same anon as above said...

In the same edition in which Comrade Ram justifies the killing of innocents by SIMI types, we have another Islamist venting bile against VS Naipaul with lies. The dude's name is Hasan Suroor. The central theme of his fulminations from London most always is the "Islamophobia" of Britain. He claims that VS Naipaul wants to have nothing to do with Patrick French's biography of him:

"I asked Patrick to do it, but I haven’t read a word … I don’t intend to read the book,” he told Mr. McCrum.

But French himself wrote:

"Over the five years since that letter, Naipaul has stuck scrupulously to our agreement; I have had no direction or restriction from him. He had the opportunity to read the completed manuscript, but requested no changes...He believed that a less than candid biography would be pointless, and his willingness to allow such a book to be published in his lifetime was at once an act of narcissism and humility."

Comrade Suroor feels at liberty to spin a conspiracy theory, nevertheless. Reason? Islamists hate Naipaul for the latter's seminal works on global Islamic fundamentalism ("Among the Believers" and "Beyond Belief".) Both works are accurate descriptions of Islamic societies as they are, and chronicle the march of Islamic imperialism that Islamists pretend doesn't exist and commies want to ally with to fight "Western imperialism".

Anonymous said...

Post #2 and #5 are by this anon. :)

prudent indian said...

Hi Kudos to you guys for keep on 'exposing' the not so hidden agenda of 'Chindu'. Chindu watchers are not surprised at all by the 'incessant' campaign of Marxists overlords and Chindu is an extended organ of theirs.

As for defending SIMI, guys believe me any thing which is 'against' The Indian National Interest, will be defended by them.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #1,
True, the logic of hating everything Indian, everything positive is incredible. I'm surprised N.Ram is not committed for life.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #2 and #5,
Great point, I'm sure Al-Zawahiri would be adding this to his newsletter of the week. What NRam doesn't realize is that SIMI is destroying the exact same freedom that is allowing him to spew his venom against everyone.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #3 and #4,
Thanks for your note on the Press council. Hope you have luck talking to them. Let us know of any response from them.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #5,
Islamophobia as you said, is real and present all over the world. However followers of Islam should try to solve problems with their religion than read some junk by people like Hassan who try to avoid the root cause of the problem by blaming the messenger. They did the same thing with Salman Rushdie, Taslima and now Naipaul.
Their actions are like an ostrich hiding in the sand.
What the Commies don't understand is that Islamists hate everyone else and would stab them right after their goals are achieved.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Dirt Digger said...

prudent indian,
Thanks for your support. The real thanks for this article should also go to our readers who pointed us to this editorial
The Marxists use Muslims as a vote bank and in trying to defend SIMI unwittingly they are alienating the real majority of peace loving muslims.
Please do keep sharing your perspectives with us and the great insight seen in your articles.

R said...

The idea of relating "social and economic equity" and "discrimination in jobs and business" with the growth of SIMI is absolute nonsense. One of the strongest bastions of SIMI is Kerala. In Kerala, i personally know that socially and economically Muslims are doing better than Hindus. Many of the big businesses in Kerala are run by Muslims. Read this report by a pro-left organization

Contrast that with the demands for implementing the "Sachar committee" report.

This shows that Yen-Ram's theses is pure nonsense.

Anonymous said...

What is on evidence here is the usual communist contempt for innocent human life.

prudent indian said...

Dear DD,:)
thanks for the kind words I am humbled.

I 'proudly' claim to be the one of the most 'oldest' reader of this blog and has been carrying and posting links to all my friends. solarpetal know me rather well. :)

Keep this up and wish more people join you,u guys are doing a fine job in the service of Mother land,and I pledge my unconditional support.

Dirt Digger said...

r said,
Well said on the Kerala situation. In any society a group of people will be on the fringes or not totally integrated. Unfortunately that is how capitalistic democratic society works.
If you want all people to share the same economic conditions, then the alternative is of course Communism where everyone is equally unhappy (other than the politbureau)
What Communism actually is is a dictatorship by a selected few, where they take away all the individual possessions and assume that people are happy with poverty
Thanks for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Chindu's favorite human rights orgs are condemning China:

It would be nice if the folks here can monitor April 2nd edition of China's National Newspaper to see if it reports the above or not.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your valuable support to the Chindu
Given the fact that the cowardly media has decided to give up on objective journalism, it is left to the individuals to organize and question what is provided to us as news. Given that people like Rajeev Srinivasan, HF, SP and you have been doing this for a while, it becomes pertinent for the rest of us including yours truly to chip in where necessary.
The best part about this format is the conciseness with which we can present the information and get the responses back from the readers.

Anonymous said...

Chindu seeks to find supporters for the CPI(M) in the US. The US delegate, however, is not comfortable with this.


I would like to clarify a comment published in the report “U.S. delegate backs CPI(M) stand on the civilian nuclear agreement” (March 31). It referred to me as “Agreeing that India’s energy needs were growing and nuclear energy was one of the cleanest sources of energy...” I certainly agreed that India’s needs were growing and nuclear energy is one possible source that India and other countries like the U.S. utilise. But I don’t think it is a “clean” source. In the U.S., there is much controversy about what to do with the nuclear waste generated from the plants. This waste is radioactive and no one likes to think about its transport or storage near them or their families. One such large-scale battle is taking place in Nevada where the Department of Energy wants to use the Yucca Mountain as the storage facility for such waste. Public safety and health issues loom large around nuclear waste, which in my opinion does not make it “clean.”

Terrie Albano,

Chicago, Illinois

Anonymous said...

I take back my previous post. The lady is actually a marxist from USA! I wonder why she didn't settle down in Cuba or China

Anonymous said...

If you note the original article, Terri Albano was invited to the CPM conference in the past. No wonder she will bark up the tree that feeds her.
communists have no patriotism. They will sell their own countries irrespective of whether they have power or not.

R said...

I couldn't find the Bhutia news in today's Hindu. If you too haven't found it, please post about this.

Yen Ram who pretends to be a great "lover" of "sports", dumps Bhaichung Bhutia, when Bhutia speaks against the communist China. Every newspaper reported Bhutia's protest and refusal in detail, but Chindu did not report it. One can only see a small news in the form of a response to Bhutia's remarks from the Indian football federation. Poor reader of 'The Hindu', who pays hard earned bucks to get news, is cheated again -- a Chindu reader will never know what exactly did Bhutia say or what his concerns are. Thanks to Yen Ram.

On the other hand a silly lawsuit in the US against an Apple iMac ad finds place in the front page of this famous newspaper! Indians eagerly want to know if an apple iMac has 262144 true colours or 262145 -- so it appears in the front page of The Chindu!

Even the newspapers in England, like Guardian had space to print Bhutia's protest!. But not Chindu.
Other indian newspapers wrote about Bhutia's protest in detail. Indian express, Times of India etc even wrote an editorial!

Mr. Ram, as always, you stink.

Anonymous said...

Celebrity son as Red Volunteer

Moving away from the glamour of the film world to the ideology of Marxism, the 16-year-old son of noted filmmaker Mani Ratnam has created a buzz by serving as a Red Volunteer at the 19th All India Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) under way here.

Another prize catch for Marxists (in the tradition of Chief).

We are also duly informed by comrade Chindu that Nandan came "on his own" to serve as a volunteer and "assisting foreign delegates at the Congress."

No wonder Chindu carried the report (last page in the print edition) prominently with a colour photograph.

Dirt Digger said...

r said,
Well said there. The worst form of journalism is not one where opinions are crafted to form ideology but one where people's voices are being muted. Bhutia is an Indian citizen who's opinion is deserving of broadcast to the Indian public.
Thanks for raising this.

Dirt Digger said...

Well thing is millions of other young people have important things to do like say working regular jobs, studying, making films than writing a stupid pamphlet about a failed ideology which has been almost eradicated across the globe.
Thanks for your post.