Sunday, March 16, 2008

China's handling of "violent" protests


Anonymous said...

Some day, this blog will be better known than Chindu itself.

Anonymous said...

Chindu (as usual) spits venom on Hindus


New dynamics in Malaysia

........The non-registered Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), which claims credit for the defeat of Malaysian Indian Congress president Samy Vellu, a long-time federal Minister, played a part in a subplot of the opposition campaign. It is time Hindraf disbanded or reinvented itself as an outfit committed to political pluralism and free from any communal odour.

After a lengthy commentary on the elections in Malaysia Chindu deems it fit to spit its venom and vomit on the Malaysian Hindus, with a preposterous, unsolicited advice to Hindraf to disband itself or obey Chindu's words.

The Malaysian Hindus have been just fighting for their civil rights in a non-violent way and even in Malaysia there don't seem to be any complaints of "communal odour" emanating from the Hindus. Nonetheless, Chindu seems to be endowed with a sdpecial nose to detect "communal odours" even thousands of miles away! What a shame for a paper calling itself "The Hindu".