Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lhasa is ethnic violence by Tibetans on Chinese

You read it right. The violence in Lhasa is not a freedom struggle but ethnic violence. The Tibetans are trying to thnically cleanse the Chinese Hans and the minorities.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : ‘It seems… they want to kill anyone not Tibetan’
One hundred people are trying to stone one man.

“The residents are very angry. They are throwing stones at anyone who is Han [Chinese] or from other minorities like the Hui, who are Muslims. It seems like it’s ethnic — like they want to kill anyone not Tibetan.

Here we have seen people trying to stone anyone they can — Han and other minorities, not foreigners. The Tibetans had stones and knives. I saw Chinese people running away — there was nothing they could do.
All the other newspapers see the world differently.

Dalai Lama hardens stand on Tibet-India-The Times of India
On Saturday, as news of unrest in Lhasa continued to trickle in Dharamsala, the Tibetan government-in-exile demanded the UN to intervene to end what it called "urgent human rights violations" by China in Tibet. "The Tibetan parliament urges the UN to send representatives immediately and intervene and investigate the current urgent human rights violations in Tibet," the administration said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

Came across an interesting posting on The Hindu's bias in Raman's blog. I am posting the message here.


Well said Mr Raman on the deteriorating standards of The Hindu. I am half your age and like many of my generation, I grew up with this newspaper, eagerly awaiting the arrival of this paper in the morning and fighting with other family members to get an early insight into the articles even with the little english I was familiar with. To see the paper that consistently preached and associtaed with the middle class virtues of honesty and integrity going downhill to become a mouthpiece of CPM is a sad reflection of N.Ram's journalism. Even after this was brought to the attention of the readers' editior time and again by the readers, no satisfactory response has been given. I never got any of my letters published on various issues (particularly on the partial coverage of the paper on issues such as Hamas and Mugabe). Though this paper has an association with The Guardian (UK) and frequently reprints articles published in that paper, no article that is critical of the left's pet issues (such as Hamas and colonialism, for example Robert Mugabe) has been published. Still Atun Aneja is talking about how Hamas/Hizbollah are challenging the might of Israeli army, he does not mention the destruction of houses/lives caused by Israeli retaliation in Southern Lebanon and Gaza. While writting about the Palestine issue, he becomes a Hamas'ites to talk about how valiant they are and to forget that they are getting pounded day in day out. Even in the 'letters to the editor', you see mostly the letters that are appreciative of the articles published in the papers and critical letters are censored. Most of these letters are still referring to about anti-colonialism, US hegemony, US's hidden design, etc. Still the first choice for N. Ram's daughter to study was the den of global capitalism: US. No wonder we have people like Rajamohan leaving The Hindu to take up a dignified teaching position rather than selling his soul. He has been replaced with strategic affairs editor Siddhardh Varadarajan who is jack of 'all trades and master of none' (propably the only strategic affairs editor capable of writting on anything and everything: caste, reservation, affirmative action, politics, social mobility, godhra, communalism, communism, etc.). His contributions are like the courseworks of undergraduate students consulting a couple of online articles and views and write something to scream about the US. There is nothing scholarly in his contributions. So much so for his strategic acumen that he did not write a single piece on his pet topic Kosovo, which he steadfastly opposed during the NATO intervention. When the region became an independent nation recently all we could hear from him was a "Big Bang of Silence". With his chest-beating, anti-American and pro-socialist/communist scream, you might still be thinking that he is at the Hindu office in New Delhi or on sabbatical working on a project in Chavez or Castro's dreamland. But he is on sabbatical teaching (about journalism and not strategic affairs) in the craddle of global capitalism: US. The last I heard is that he is looking for a tenure in the US universities. What a hypocrisy of this paper and its crew. While you say, to my sadness, that you are in the process of making peace with My Maker, I get the delight of reading The Hindu's articles along with the articles of The Heritage Foundation to take my own view on extreme journalism. In these two lie the virtues of journalism buried and cemented deep under a concrete bunker.


Praada said...

"I think this is going to get worse. One person told me 300 people have died in the city centre [this figure is unconfirmed]. I just don’t know.”

So chindu wants people to believe that 13 Tibetans were killed whereas there are 300 Chinese dead(don't ask why this is not reported earlier)!!!

R said...

Meanwhile, 'Photos of dead' in Lhasa expose Chinese secrets.

In that report by CNN-IBN, note that journalists are not being allowed to enter Lhasa -- just like Nandigram!
Imagine how Chindu and commies would react if journalists were barred from, say, a place in Gujrat, by the Modi govt!

Pathik said...

:) brilliant work, people! I enjoy any comical counterpoints to Chindu and Chuni (Chinese Ultra Natioanlists in India)

Praada said...

Chindu's notoriety dates back to the time of Kargil war
(see the last para)

What others have to say

Anonymous said...

Ananya was entirely right. People that have been readers of The Hindu for a long time are disenchanted with the present day reporting. Teh newspaper is highly biased. Teh newspaper is also biased towards DPA that governs! the state of Tamilnadu.