Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And here's a biscuit. Good boy.

The nature of the relationship between India and China is quite an interesting one. On one hand you have a country which has attacked you without cause, still claims a huge chunk of your land as its own and supplies nuclear weapons to your biggest threat. On the other hand an opportunity comes where there is internal strife within China. Rather than jumping at the opportunity and using moral superiority to trump the Chinese at an international stage, the Indian Government decides to pussyfoot around the issue and claims its an internal issue. Beyond political opportunism, there is the human side over 100 lives have been lost, yet the Chindu does not display any humanity towards the innocent.
The article is published in Chindu right here,
As the straight shooting Ms. Pallavi Aiyar notes in her headlines,
Appreciates stance of the Indian government

The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, beacon of truthfulness, throws a bone at his counterparts across the southern border by appreciating their tacit silence at the brutality in Lhasa. He goes on to state,
appreciated the “position and stance of the Indian government in handling the activities of the Dalai Lama clique,

The article on Chindu which reads as though it was edited by a Xinhua editor, oh wait a second, of course.
The highlight though is the magnanimity of the Communist Government to allow the press into Lhasa, of course it would be considered, discussed and approved sometime in the near future (2009?).
he would consider organising a trip for foreign journalists to Lhasa so that they could survey the situation firsthand.

It meanders with the usual blackballing of any Dalai Lama claim, portraying him as the second coming of
Che Guevara. It was interesting to read Chindu giving the Dalai Lama a few lines and then as a good "unbiased" judge delivers the verdict to the Commies. Bravo Ms. Aiyar your vigilant articles are deserving of a Pulitzer.
The wait for an editorial continues...


Anonymous said...

"'''''would consider organising a trip for foreign journalists to Lhasa". Very generous to propose a guided tour of Lhasa for "foreign journalists". Of course, only good and obliging foreign journalists will be invited so that they will write about only where they are taken and what they are shown, without asking uncomfortable questions.

Count on Chindu to be on the bandwagon, cheerleading the fellow travellers.

Praada said...

" Mr. Wen also addressed the thorny boundary dispute between the two neighbours calling it a “complicated” question, left over from history. While warning that no overnight solutions were possible, he said that as long as both sides displayed sincerity and approached the issue on the “basis of equality, mutual benefit and mutual accommodation,” he believed “new progress will be made in the negotiations.” "

HISTORY has everything in store for these gluttons and Pallavi simply obliges and asks the fellow Indians to prosper under chinese rule

Dirt Digger said...

Of course the list will be headed by Pallavi, Ram and Harish. They will then write another editorial about peace at heaven on earth which is Lhasa. Not to mention they will find the same peace in any cemetery!

Dirt Digger said...

I'm appalled that no one will call up the Chindu and give Pallavi a piece of their mind.
Tragically your statement on the gluttons is coming true right in front of our eyes.