Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chindu demands democracy in China*

In a breaking news The Chindu demands democracy in China. I got this from a future version of the newspaper from the year 2100* :) You did'nt believe this for a second didn't you.
Ok before I lose my train of thought, another clone from the "N.Ram stable" one Ms.Vidya Subrahmaniam, asks the question why is democracy in America a failure and filled with bigots?
Are you kidding me? Sure America has its share of bigots, but so does any country. Thats the way the world is.
Last I checked Ms. Vidya Subrahmaniam, the favorite country of The Chindu, China is a communist nation with no freedoms.
How about writing about human rights where you can speak your opinions without being run over by a tank?
At least America has the freedom to let people discuss and make fun of their would be leaders.
The first person to comment on Hu Jintao in that manner in Beijing would be sent to a gulag.
How about the civilians in Tibet who were brutalized by the Chinese army for trying to peacefully raise the issue of autonomy?
India has a great history to elect a diverse set of leaders. But believe me, the second any media members dare make a comment like that to the Indian leaders like the American media, their offices would be burnt down.
The erudite Ms. Vidya cannot understand English as she cannot understand Maureen Dowd's statements on Hillary Clinton, but stating Maureen Dowd as the worst commentator.
Easily the worst has been Maureen Dowd commenting in The New York Times. Reacting to Ms Clinton’s tears at a vulnerable moment on the campaign, she said: “She [Hillary] won her Senate seat after being embarrassed by a man [husband]. She pulled out New Hampshire and saved her presidential campaign after being embarrassed by another man [Obama].”

Ms. Vidya, have you ever seen Sonia Gandhi attending a press interview answering questions? Or for that matter your communist buddies attending a debate of any merit?
Another reason why Chindu decides to publish its warped version of reality.


Anonymous said...

You are speaking as if america is angel.What about the numerous human rights violation they have commited in vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan,cuba,nicaragua and mexico.The problem with supporting tibet is there are similar issues world over- LTTE in srilanka,Pakistan in Kashmir,ETA in spain.Where will it all end.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. Your points are accurate. But you are missing the point of the post. That is the process of election of its leaders being defamed by Chindu.
If the same Chindu were to publish an editorial against the lack of democratic elections in China then that would be fair reporting.
But that has not happened.

Rebel said...

As the chindu is blind to the excessess of the regime in china it is trying to deflect from the main issue.STATE sponsored Terrorism.

It would not be wrong to now conclude that the State of China is worse than the osama bin laden , Musharaff , Pirabhakaran etc.,.

Just wondering ?? is the Govt of China releases ad's in the CHINDU or the payment is being received overseas for the blatant misleading news.

This VIDYA is frankly a JOKE.Just trying to be over smart .

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the insightful thoughts.
Chindu will try to create noise on other people without trying to focus on the real criminals.
The number of Chinese people slaughtered by their own government is supposed to be close to Holocaust numbers.
Chindu will keep quiet for other reasons. Thats why their sales numbers are falling down.

Anonymous said...

N. Ram or any of his lackeys calling anybody else a bigot is like an institutional resident at an asylum calling those people in white coats "madmen". Supreme irony noticed by all except the lunatic himself.

R said...

About India, she says:

"Gender and denominational concerns rarely influence voter preferences here, and the evidence is in the splendidly varied social composition of the political and constitutional leadership."

This is true, for almost all Indian parties, except for Chindus favorite party -- the CPI(M). How many women Polit Bereau members for CPM ? None before Mrs. Karat!(that too after Mr. Karat becoming the boss!). How many women chief ministers(CM) ? -- ZERO. CPM denied K R Goury amma Chief minister-ship even though she was the front runner ahead of Nayanar.
How many Dalits in the PB ? -- Zero. How many Dalit/Backward caste CMS in the CPM ruled states ? Denial of CM-ship to Achuthanandan many times, because of his caste, is a well known fact in Kerala.

While Vidya mentions BJPs opposition to Sonia's foreign origin, what about this:

Communist leader abused Sonia calling her "Madamma" -- a derogatory word in malayalam which means white foreign woman (not just any foreign woman)

There are many more instances of communists bigotry -- Vidya and Ram wouldn't want to hear any of that.

Anonymous said...

Given all the bigotry in the land of freedom, you may be thinking that our comrades and their families would be going to the wonderlands of China, Cuba and venezuela to study or work.

Look at the desperation with which the "strategic affairs editor" Comrade Siddhardh Varadarajan - a "Visiting Professor" (university says he is only a "visiting fellow") - is trying for a tenure at US universities. For Comrade Siddhardh Varadarajan, "It (India) is big. It is powerful", (The U.N. is escalating the Iran nuclear crisis, 5 March 2008, The Hindu) but not big enough to get educated and to go on sabbatical in any of the Indian universities. If you look at The Hindu recently, his contribution to an important and contemporary strategic affair of Tibet is "NIL". If you ask him to write on Iran, he would immediately consult Wikipedia references like a graduate student and produce a stunning article to the likes of The Hindu's resident letter-writters T. Marx of Karaikal, Shahabuddin Nadeem of Bangalore, Syed Sultan Mohiddin of Kadapa and Col. C.V. Venugopalan (retd.) of Palakkad. Again the "land of bigotry" is the place where N Ram sent his daughter to study having studied himself there (it is so bizarre that the founder-member of SFI, who swears by anti-imperialism studied in the US) in the past. Another regular contributor Comrade Jyothirmaya Sharma, a friend of Comrade Siddhardh Varadarajan at TOI and The Hindu, managed to get a "Professorship" at Department of Political Science, Central University, Hyd without Ph.D by telling lies that he taught at Oxford. Enquiries at Oxford revealed that no one with that taught them during the early 1990s. He does not have a single published academic papers on his name. So are many of our Comrades like Vijay Prasad and Biju Matthew who contribute to The Hindu. Though they have settled down comfortably at the den of global capitalism, their pet stories are always about how bad is US of America. Unfortunately the badness of America does not stop them to comeback to India and toil for our workers' rights and to fight against globalisation.

It all reminds us of the story of our JNU eminents like Prabhat Patnaik and Co. who refused to get their works published in Macmillan, India and always preferred to publish in OUP, London.

Long live the fight against global capitalism and global Satan 'US'.

We shall overcome we shall overcome we shall overcome one day!

Commissar N. Sundar

Anonymous said...

This is the same Vidya Subrahmaniam who provided "new and always thought provoking insights" during The Hindu's "un-biased coverage" of Gujarat elections. After seeing the crowds attending Madame Sonia's meetings, she even went to the extent of suggesting Congress was on a come-back trail.
If Vidya is not taken seriously even on Indian issue, why to take her seriously on issues that is least of her domain (it falls in the domain of our Comrade Vijay Prashad).


Anonymous said...

Hats off to this blog... now even the pinkos cannot ignore you... you are welcome here, comrades... but please give us something more than america bashing... tell us why your fellow comrades were chased out in all of eastern europe and central asia

Anonymous said...

on a related or unrelated note ... in today's edit, ram mentions "hundreds of innocent *muslim* victims" but conveniently forgets to add the word "hindu" to the "innocent 59 train passengers" .... only muslim victims must be named and not hindus!

Dirt Digger said...

Commissar N. Sundar,
Great post to expose the hypocrisy of these Chindu writers. The details of how these people behave like the protectors of the comrades when not one of them has worked in a plant or stood in a union. Its the same hypocritical talk that Chindu is using to dig its own grave.
Keep providing your insights to this blog.

Dirt Digger said...

Great point, the hypocrisy of Chindu and some TV channels to filter and present so called facts when its their own imagination is the height of lacking logic.
Vidya is a chameleon. She does not have the domain space that Pallavi or Harish or Vijay have. Hence she tries to make mountains out of molehills.

Dirt Digger said...

Anonymous said...
Hats off to this blog... now even the pinkos cannot ignore you... you are welcome here, comrades... but please give us something more than america bashing... tell us why your fellow comrades were chased out in all of eastern europe and central asia

Thanks for your support Anonymous.
There has not been a single place in the world where communism has succeeded in any form or fashion.
But still messrs Ram and Karat keep bleating about a 3rd front. Keep dreaming comrades.

Anonymous said...

Comissars A.B.Bardhan got a beating yesterday in the closing of their meet in Hyderabad from the pro Telangana activists. They said something there and reiterated their stand when he got back to safe position.


Prasanna said...

Hi All

Vidya writes in this piece

"her Italian antecedents did not matter to her voters just as they did not matter to a media (excluding the saffron kind) otherwise trenchantly critical of thedynasty"

This is waht her boss edited Frontline wrote on Sonia Gandhi.

Detailed investigation o her Italian background including near confirmation of the various 'right wing' manufactured lies against her

Anonymous said...

To Commissar N. Sundar:

You are right about every piece on Comrade Siddhardh Varadarajan. Like his employer, even his blog is tightly controlled by His Eminency. Most of my critical comments on his "intellectual pieces" never appeared in his blog. On the otherside, whenever I prised him on his pieces (however ridiculous it sounds), the comments were published.

For his article on Iraq, I sent two comments on two different names, one as Bairavi and another as anonymous. The following are the messages (

(1) From Bairavi: "he he ! can we expect our Sidd, a self-signed intellectual and a defender of human rights, to pen an article on Tibet in The Chindu".

(2) Anonymous said ...An interesting article Mr Varadarajan. If only the UN had listened to your advise on Iran, the world would have been a much quieter piece.

Have you also seen him ( signing along with his wife Nandini Sundar (another academic fraud) on different petitions as an "intellectual". I just cannot understand what made him an intellectual. All he has done in his entire life is studying abroad and writting columns for TOI and The Chindu. This is the guy who reached the position of a "columnist" in The Chindu not because of his "worth" but because of his family connections. Mind you, he had to toil with Times of India many years because as he was not allowed into The Chindu group. He managed to pull the correct strings to go and study abroad (his father is a retired IAS officer. In Inida, you can obviously see the wards of the civil servants going to study abroad on Radhakrishnan, Ambedkar, Nehru Centenary, Commonwealth scholarships because of their connection to Ministry of Human Resources Department). When a guy like him, who hardly "achieved" anything in life, other than writting columns for The Chindu (not obviously India's NYT or Washing Post or Guardian) on left's favourite subjects: Gujarat, anti-imperialism, communalism, socialism, anti-globalisation, multi-polar world, Kosovo (still did not bother to write anything when Kosovo became independent) calls himself an intellectual along with his wife Nandi Sundar (whose favourite subject is the goodness of Maoists, you can see her boring article in latest Outlook) with other intellectuals such as "Teesta Setelvad", it makes you to wonder where India is at today: any one writting a column in any tabloid could become an intellectual (along with spouse by default).

Thanks Commissar N. Sundar, it is good to know that we have people willing to expose these frauds.


Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your deep statements exposing the hypocrisy of these so called intellectuals.
These are the same people who would take advantage of the facilities offered by capitalistic societies but complain till the cows come home.
Please do keep sharing your insights here.