Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why we must continue running this blog...

From: Ranjith
Date: March 18, 2008 12:03:18 PM
Subject: Internal affair ?

Dear Editor,

CPI(M) refuses to comment on Tibet issue as it is an "internal matter of China" and they condemn U. S. report on Nandigram as it is an internal affair of India. But in the past CPI(M) Polit Bureau (PB) has issued comments on internal matters of other countries, like Nepal. A PB press release dated 7 April 2006 denounces the "crackdown" by the King's regime in Nepal against the "movement to restore democracy". That statement also asks the Government of India to interfere in the Nepal affair. Isn't that a clear double standard?

Thanks Ranjit for sharing this letter.

Now, when a supposedly objective paper behaves in a shamelessly partisan manner and filters out any voice of dissent, where is the outlet for the other view- views of people like Ranjit.

Now, who is doing all this ? - the very N Ram, who thundered about freedom of expression when Jayalalithaa's men barged into his premises.

This is a direct challenge to the freedom of speech and expression,"It's outrageous and highly undemocratic. ... It has become a major national question. Political India and constitutional India will have to make up its mind on the issues at stake," he said."It's a criminal misadventure, a foolish misadventure. It is going to backfire," he added.

Well, this , coming as it does from a person who blacks out anti-China views, blacks out anti-CPM views in nandigram and blocks any view that runs contrary to his ideology. This very paper slammed the Modi government for "allegedly" restricting access to journalists covering the Gujarat riots. In Nandigram, the CPI(M) beat the BJP in this game. In China, there isn't a scent of free speech. The internet is heavily censored, foreign journalists are evicted from Tibet and nearby provinces and the only source of information is Xinhua. The commies have been consistent in maintaining double standards and their propaganda vehicles are more than happy to wag their tails faithfully.

I am not for a moment suggesting that Ram must not be left leaning. He has every right to embrace an ideology and propagate it. My only problem is with his claims of being objective and unbiased. Let him declare himself to be Marxist mouthpiece and continue his yeomen service to the cause of communism. By not doing so, he is misleading the pubic and committing a fraud on unsuspecting minds.

Thankfully, the blogs aren't censored in India and they strip dubious publications/politicians naked. Against this backdrop, it is no wonder then that the Chindu(and the commies) want India to ape China!


Anonymous said...

Judging by the responses, your blog is already more popular than Shadow Warrior and other such blogs. This blog has its job cut out - Continue the fight. We need you. India needs you. Keep up the good work.

Andromeda said...

Thank you very much! All credit to Ram:)-

Dirt Digger said...

Great post Andromeda. In addition to the main points of objectivity and the ideology, The Chindu has been a venerated newspaper relevant to society for over a century. If Ram wants to have a yellow rag, let him create the Ram times and preach to his few dozen followers. Sullying the Chindu's name is simply not acceptable.

R said...

Even if Chindu announces itself as the communist mouthpiece, or a Yen Ram Times, I don't think propagating anti-India views will be acceptable (like Chindu's stand on Arunachal Pradesh issue or India-China border issues). Because, Chindu makes use of the security provided by the Indian State and the freedom of expression provided by our society and our country. So any newspaper publishing from India(even a Ram Times) will also have some responsibilities towards our society. By supporting China in the border issues, what Chindu essentially doing is betraying our society and our country. So we must continue running this blog exposing Chindu the fifth column.

Kudos to HF, Andromeda, and DD for running the blog.

pilid said...

Check out the op-ed in the Hindu today by M.K.Bhadrakumar and contrast it to the front page headline in the same paper 'India's position is clear and consistent: China'. Apparently, notwithstanding that consistent position, the Chindu takes aim at the GOI's position - even the mere expression of 'distress' by the GOI at the violence in Tibet is considered an outrage despite the fact that the Chinese government itself has been okay with it. More pro-China than the Chinese govt. itself! Can you beat that?!! What is worrying is that the fellow writing this is a former member of the IFS. Wonder how many other IFS men are out with such pro-China sympathies willing to do hit jobs to please their master.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your support.
Personally I'm thankful to HF and Andromeda for leading the vanguard and giving me an opportunity to assist them.
Your point about responsibilities towards society is of great importance here.
If you read the charter of the Press Council of India there are regulations which the Chindu is violating by its various articles.

There is a council member from the Chindu, one Mr. Vinay Kumar who's contact information is listed there.
It would be good to lodge a formal complaint to the Council. Not too sure if they have any real teeth.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

one of the issues i have is, if it is fair for one person to bring down a century-old institution, which has become venerated and a part of the culture, to ridicule based on his personal political affiliations. chindu has long ago moved beyond one family's business venture. it represented the achievements, pride and ambitions of a culture. it provided an expression for the aspirations of a society. it has always been more than just a paper carrying news. the loss of chindu pains me.

Anonymous said...

How come Pallavi Aiyer is not allowed to report from Tibet? China has only banned foreign journlists from Tibet, whereas she is on chinese payroll!!
Like Nirupama from Pakiland, she can give us a first hand account of Tibetan monks gone amok.