Friday, March 28, 2008

Zardari plays Doom

The Kashmir problem has been a thorn in the minuscule India-Pak relations. The recent democratic elections in Pak with the election of a new Government has been proclaimed by Chindu as a new chapter. Looks to me though that Mr.Zardari is playing Doom.
In an article by Ms. Nirupama Subramanian, the important discussion between Zardari and Mehbooba Mufti(Yup the same terrorist loving traitor), is detailed here:
Ms.Nirupama, being a benign journo does not cast any doubt on the statements of Mr.Zardari. The entire episode reeks with backdoor politics. Ms.Mehbooba is attending a conference on regional stability. Why was Pranab Mukherjee too busy relaxing after his trip to the US? Besides Mehbooba (for who's release many hardcore terrorists were released in an incident many years ago) does not have an official post and for her to discuss the Kashmir relations makes little sense.

The article is filled with contradictions, illogical statements and pie in the sky statements. Lets say the average Pakistani politician plays a game of Doom.
Each statement can be used to predict the lifespan of the player or political term.
Statement #1:
“If boys in Kashmir are to be given pens instead of guns, if they are given jobs, if they are allowed to meet their relatives in Pakistan, if we allow our Kashmiris to meet their Kashmiri brothers across the border, I think it will go a long way,”

Whoa Mr.Zardari, are you saying that the ISI should stop arming the terrorists?
Lifespan: If implemented, Zardari would be the next high profile target. Chances of implementing this are between 0 and negative infinity.
Statement #2:
“We are totally involved with Kashmir, and we intend to solve the Kashmir problem and not just shadow-box on it,”

What is this are you having Harish Khare write your speeches? A bold statement with nothing to back it up and one for TV sound bytes.
Lifespan: Zardari's is firing blanks here. Your core supporters would not be too happy if you somehow killed the goose laying
the golden eggs.

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