Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kissing commie *ss - French style

Of what consequence is the result of French local body election to the Indian public? Negligible?India's national newspaper since 1878 thinks otherwise. While there is a deafening silence on the repression in Tibet, the paper deems it fit to write an editorial on the French local elections. The editorial , after lashing out at Sarkozy, goes into jubilation mode and informs us that the French Left have performed brilliantly and contains advise on what they should do to emerge stronger . It concludes with a sweeping statement.

All considered, the French Left have become much stronger and have all to play for.

...., although the French Left generally are looking stronger and more capable at the local level than they have done for a long time.....
Looks like commie propaganda vehicles never get tired of kissing *sses.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Well said! There have been so many op-eds in that paper on domestic politics in the UK - equally irrelevant you might think. Along with the deafening silence on Tibet were two - not one but two reports in successive editions on the so-called 'election' of Hu Jintao as the President (with no other contestant in the fray)!!

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare wrote that the quality of mercy is twice blessed.

Here, we have Chindu which is doubly sinned. It is neither Hindu nor India's National Newspaper (as the masthead proudly trumpets).

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!