Monday, March 31, 2008

Emperor Palpatine launches Death Star commencement

In a recent post HF had exposed how the Chinese soldiers were posing as monks. The incident reminded me of the Storm troopers in the Star Wars movies who were supposed to be the army of saviors but then turn against the people. Following that the Chindu posted the headline that Fearless Leader Hu Jintao had commenced the Olympic torch relay, which really serves little purpose other than free advertisements for the Olympics in local media. The article is detailed here:
Check out this clip from the Star Wars saga, to get an intro into the Emperor. The Fearless leader shamelessly states,
“The Olympic flame symbolises the Olympic spirits — hopes and dreams, brightness and happiness, friendship and peace. With the spirits, it has come to the land of China,”

Could you please consider the same spirits of the Tibetians who were brutalised a few weeks back?
The whole thing appears like the Emperor Palpatine launching the death star in the Star Wars movie.

Who do you think will make the best Darth Vader and why? Is it,
1. Yen Ram
2. Prakash Carat CPM
3. Sitaram Leechury CPM
4. Anyone else
Let us know of your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

How dare you call SIMI a terrorist organization? It is "India’s largest Islamist political grouping". It represents "a critical mass of disillusioned young Muslims who had tired of their community’s traditional leadership, and the state’s promises of secularism, equality of opportunity, and democracy".

The raja of self-loathing intellectuals badly wants another award from Pakistan. Now that a new government is installed in Pakistan, he is restless till they recognize his unique talents.

Challenging SIMI’s hate politics

Vivek said...

None of these. In the end, Darth Vader turned out to actually be good at heart and destroyed Palpatine, saving Luke. Don't expect any of these CPM jokers to sacrifice anything (let alone themselves) for India against their beloved Chinese masters.

socal said...

Shouldn't it be Yuan Ram? (Renmin, not Yuan, if you want to be pc)

If you follow the link with the picture it clearly mentions that the picture was taken during a film shoot when the monks refused to participate in the film. It's not related to the recent Tibetan protests.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

You are right, socal. I read that part before posting but chose not to alter the text of the original author's post for two reasons.
1. From what reports I read on the issue, the monks were not involved in a lot of the reported violence.
2. The photo is depiction of how easily the monks have been created to be misinterpreted.

Besides, the world can tolerate a little mischief in the monks' favour.

Anonymous said...

As pointed out by annon in the first post, todays editorial is the most irresponsible of its kind. Note the utmost respect in addressing Safdar Nagori with a specific quote of "bitter about Indian". This level of respect he commands after a load of bombing/anti-national activites. Probably it suits Ram to bad mouth India and Indian systems (a fundamental requirement to be a Commie chamcha). I recall after the political murky Kanchi Sankaracharya's case, Ram stopped any prefixes such as Holiness etc for Acharya with the logic of being booked in a case, but here he will bow before Nagori.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for pointing it out. i'll address this in a separate post.

Dirt Digger said...

haha good point. For discussion sake, lets consider the Vader of Episodes 4 and 5.
The CPM jokers would probably throw Luke into the fire.

Dirt Digger said...

The Chindu has got a major fix on illogical minority appeasement. If some idiot from SIMI or some other organization were to target their office then the Chindu's point of view would change.

Anonymous said...

Asked about the manner in which the Indian ambassador to China was summoned by the Chinese government to voice its concern about Tibet, Karat said it was a diplomatic issue and that the Indian government can very well express regret to the manner in which its ambassador was treated through proper diplomatic channels.
This Karat character seeems to be either stupid or arrogant, or both. The Chinese Gestapo summons Ambassador Nirupama Rao well past midnight on some dubious pretext and this fellow calls it just a "diplomatic issue". But, astonishingly he advises that the Indian govt. can express "regret" to the manner in which our ambassador was treated! Actually, it is the Chinese who should express regret!! What a poor choice of language. And Desi comrades are known as "intellectuals". What an oxymoron.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for providing details on the indian ambassador fiasco. The key issue here is that the Indian Govt. has bent over backwards to please the Chinese. Yet when they abuse the ambassador, people like Karat decide to support the Chinese.
Its definitely not stupid. Karat is a slave to the Communists and arrogantly follows whatever they state.

Anonymous said...

Why not consider money as the possible reason for karat to mouth inane statements as opposed to arrogance and slave mentality....after all, he has to feed poor people at home :)

Anonymous said...

Its really sad that irrespective of lack of peole support, jokers like Karat getting lot of prominence. Due to lack of absolute majority, government is at the mercy of CPI/CPIM or pro(xy) communist supporters such as DMK.

I request a detailed article on appropriateness of comparing J&K troubles with that of Tibet, for , Karat and Co always equate this to say Tibet is part and parcel of China and no one should have any view against this.