Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fwd: An op-ed by a Commie loving bureaucrat by pilid

This is a great post by pilid which I'm pasting below.
Check out the op-ed in the Hindu today by M.K.Bhadrakumar and contrast it to the front page headline in the same paper 'India's position is clear and consistent: China'. Apparently, notwithstanding that consistent position, the Chindu takes aim at the GOI's position - even the mere expression of 'distress' by the GOI at the violence in Tibet is considered an outrage despite the fact that the Chinese government itself has been okay with it. More pro-China than the Chinese govt. itself! Can you beat that?!! What is worrying is that the fellow writing this is a former member of the IFS. Wonder how many other IFS men are out with such pro-China sympathies willing to do hit jobs to please their master.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention pilid.
As I read through the editorial published in the Chindu, there was cringe inducing line after line. Things like this,
Dharamsala is a beehive of intelligence operatives.

or this,
The first question that occurred to me when I wandered through the narrow lanes and by-lanes of Dharamsala was whether the Indian intelligence sleuths knew beforehand about the imminent outbreak of violence in Lhasa.

Or this statement which questions the Indian Governments capacity to rule and the sovereignty of the Indian state.
After all, in something like 150 districts in India, the writ of the Indian state no longer runs. ...
It boggles the mind on what ground India can be so very self-righteous in rendering unsolicited advice to another country.

The writer then goes on to link 2 unrelated incidents without a shred of evidence. He links the statement of the OIC against Kashmir and India's management of its people with the relationship between India and the US.
Very obviously, the UPA government’s West Asia policy has begun to affect India’s standing in the Islamic world. A perception is growing that India is edging away from an independent foreign policy and cosying up to U.S. regional policies; that India is harmonising its stance with the U.S. strategy in West Asia on issues such as the Iran nuclear file and the Palestinian problem.

The conclusion of the editorial in the Chindu is the stupidest statement I have read in the last year and believe me I've read some trash.
Suffice it to say, there have been helpful nuances in China’s position on Kashmir in recent years. In a manner of speaking, it is possible to estimate that Chinese spokesmen have articulated on the Kashmir issue in a “Shimla spirit.”

Please think of our country's plight if people like these were allowed to represent our country in any international forum.


Praada said...

Dirt Digger,

I see a positive here. He has given us the license to govern our states in the way China does. Maybe, he no longer becomes relevant after that.

"There are journalists in Iraq when the war is on, but they cannot find a place in Tibet governed by CHINA"

Anonymous said...

Chidnu seems to have got hold of ex-high ranking babus to work as paid drumbeaters (previously we saw the rantings of Ramaswamy Iyer against the entire Gujarat electorate for having returned Narendra Modi as CM).

The writing of this Bhadrakumar is just venomous and nonsense. Wonder what the Tibetans ever did to him. He seems to be oblivious to the fact that China is an agressor of our country, holding on to occupied territory and also regularly arming Pakistan. For an ideologicaly screwed up and messed up Chindu to wantonly ignore recent history and play fifth column is somthing we are used to, unfortunately.

But, a retired babu to willingly play cheerleader for Chindu (may be for a few coins, Desi or Chino) is pathetic. We are left to wonder as to the number of same side goals he scored as an IFS officer.

Anonymous said...

one thing we must also be careful.Already a bad precedent with Kosovo has been set.Now if tibet secedes then it would open a pandora's box in Assam,nagaland,may be in punjab and also in srilanka.After all indian government does not care about what happens in Palestine,iraq,sudan and why should it care about tibet also.Now imagine the hue and cry raised by us if pakistan/china allowed asylum to a leader asking for seccession from india and allow anti india activities in their soil

Anonymous said...

How can you compare Kosovo with Tibet? Yes there are some humanitarian similarities. But beyond that, Tibet has been an issue for decades. Also they are demanding autonomous region status as part of China, not secession.
India does care about Palestine. For decades starting with Rajiv, they have been supporting their cause.

Anonymous said...

T V R Shenoy

Why is India doing China's dirty job?

China is no friend of India's, it never was and never shall be. We may not be enemies today, we are certainly competitors. China is still in illegal occupation of thousands of square miles of Indian territory, including a small slice of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir that was negotiated away by Islamabad.

Why then is the Indian foreign-policy establishment so reluctant to confront reality? Why should the authorities in Delhi send its police to batter Tibetans who want to protest outside the Chinese embassy? Why should Delhi be so uneasy when the issue of Taiwan comes up? Is there any reason why we should be so afraid to 'embarrass' China? If so, can anyone think of a single occasion in living memory when China tried to aid India?

Anonymous said...

Of course there's the time when China helped India, no wait they helped the CPM by funding their elections

Anonymous said...

Siddhardh Varadarajan and Nalini Sundar

Anonymous said...

While we must be careful,we must also remember that the Tibet fiasco today is primarily due to Nehru's flaggid tact. So it is imperative that India settles the issue,and not run away from it.