Monday, March 24, 2008

Viva la Revolucion` CPI ishtyle

Once a while the "great" minds of the Left wing decide to hold a convention discuss some issues relevant today with an out of focus lens once owned by an irrelevant and long dead Marx(Karl, Groucho, who cares) and come to asinine conclusions. As the elections approach CPI and its allies decide to launch an agitation against the UPA Government. Of course with this being the most relevant issue facing the people, the Chindu decides to update the masses in its breaking news section.
Thanks Chindu, D.Raja and his dirty dozen clowns, sorry compadres will surely have the people's ear as they transform India.
As Mr.Raja future Nobel laureate says,
Attributing the price rise to liberalization, globalization and privatization and reckless economic reforms, the party said the latest rise in price of petroleum products had further aggravated the price crisis.

Not to be left far behind another CPI joker, sorry spokesman Shameem Faizee does some saber-rattling of his own, to earn some Chindu brownie points
We would like the UPA government to implement the common minimum programme if it wants to survive its full term

Of course the meal would not be complete without the ritual beating of the US pinata,
Though CMP commits the UPA to promoting multilateralism, the government is heading towards strategic alliance with United States and the nuclear deal is part of it, the CPI leader said.


pilid said...

Any second rate economist will tell you that the price rise has something to do with the huge welfare spending on various schemes and the big budget deficit (Chidambaram's claim that short supplies are the cause is only partly true). Who asked for all these schemes and prevented the government from closing the deficit gap? The left. Who asked for the farm waiver scheme? The letf. Who has voted for every one of these in parliament? The left. Having sought all those spending measures and voted for them in parliament, it is simply deceitful to now claim that the government is responsible for the unintended consequence of this uncontrolled spending - price rise. Someone should stand up and expose the left for its double game. But no, the Chindu not only goes along with it but gives it added publicity. I did not see them doing the same thing when the BJP was up to its shenanigans every time it disrupted parliament.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many of you remember that the Chindu had apologized for carrying a drawing of the prophet Mohammed in november 2001

I remember, a cartoon with prophet Mohammed appeared in young world. In fact, i guess, the intention of the cartoonist was to teach the kids about the life of Mohammad, but, as you can imagine, Muslims protested.
Chindu, without complaining about any "Freedom of expression" immediately apologized with an apology letter from the editor.

The funny thing is that, whenver Chindu talks about "freedom of expression" it accuses "Hindu" groups and brings out MF Hussain issue. But it never ever speaks about the incident where the Chindu itself was involved. They want all of us to forget about it.

You should note that this prophet cartoon issue is very different from the Danish issue because, here, unlike Danish cartoonists, the intention of the cartoonist was to teach kids about Islam and not to show islam in any bad light. Still the Muslims protested! And Chindu promptly apologized -- who cares about Freedom of expression!

socal said...

"the Danish issue because, here, unlike Danish cartoonists, the intention of the cartoonist was to teach kids about Islam and not to show islam in any bad light."

I beg to differ. The Danish cartoonists had no intention to show Islam in bad light. Jyllands-Posten editor commissioned those cartoons precisely to upheld freedom of speech. It is a silly notion that you cannot even draw any character from past or that it be proscribed. All the Danish newspapers recently reprinted those cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Thats true Chindu abuses the freedom of speech platform at its convenience. If Amma decides to send her goons its abuse, but if China decides to harass and attack Tibetians its an internal issue which India should not get involved.
If someone denigrates Indian icons and Hindu religious icons Chindu will not comment. But if a Muslim icon is written about which a few elements do not like, Chindu will fall backwards to apologize and harp on protection of minority rights.

Anonymous said...

"Your correspondent is thus a Delhite, an English speaker, half a Brahmin, half a Tamilian, a Hindu culturally, an atheist by choice, a Muslim by heritage. But the identity that threads these multiplicities together is at once the most powerful and most amorphous: she is an Indian."

Thus spake, guess who, Pallavi Aiyar!

And don't be shocked to hear the following stuff also, from the very same multipurpose Indian:

These are conflicts that need to be acknowledged so that effective mechanisms for their resolution can then be identified.

As the recent protests have demonstrated, despite over 50 years of suppression and "patriotic education", a strong strain of resentment against Beijing's rule continues to simmer in Tibet. During this time period the region's economy has benefited from Chinese-developed infrastructure, literacy rates are also on the up and health care has improved. Nonetheless, large swathes of dissatisfaction with Beijing's policies persist.

Now, will the real Pallavi A. stand up?

Or, do we take it that all the daily heavy and heady dose of propaganda stuff, eulogising the Chief's adopted fatherland, is actually written at Kasturi Building (downloaded straight from Xinhua) under the authorship of Pallavi A., to add some "credibility"? In other words, glorified ghost writing!!

Or, in the true Stalinist-Mao commie tradition, we can expect an elaborate self-confession and a semester of re-education (read, indoctrination) for Chindu's Beijing correspondent ?

China and India: Oh to be different

By Pallavi Aiyar

Greater China
Mar 19, 2008