Sunday, March 30, 2008

CPM Congress review

Senility overcomes Basu
Land reforms against religious discrimination? Religious discrimination entered political lexicon only recently, with the NGO "findings" in Gujarat and the Sachar committee.

The Hindu : National : Common man has not gained: Basu
Since Independence, the Communist parties had stood for a self-reliant path of development and worked for the benefit of all sections. The land reforms had been essential to create a just society, free of exploitation and caste and religious discrimination. “That is why we have fought communalism in all its forms.”
CPM files a news report in Chindu
Basu told some visiting members of the electronic media of which Chindu is obviously not a part. However, this article appears in Chindu because it has been filed by CPM. More evidence? I ask you back, what does it take to combine this article with the above one? What additional value is this adding as a separate article?

The Hindu : National : Watches meet proceedings on TV
Veteran Marxist leader Jyoti Basu on Saturday watched the telecast of the inaugural session of the six-day CPI(M) Congress at his Salt Lake residence here.
... he told some visiting members of the electronic media.
Sound bytes from Karat?
As far as I know, this is the first time Karat has said anything about minority extremism. Welcome step. Notice how he deliberately avoids detailing any plans, while elaborates on tactics against BJP/RSS.
The Hindu : National : BJP, RSS assailed
“While doing so, the party will also counter the fundamentalist and extremist elements in the minority community.”
Question to Karat
While you have so many questions to the UPA, I have one question to you, Sir. Why did you, during your 30mins speech, not talk about the performance of the three Left-ruled states? How about comparing them with "communal" Gujarat?
The Hindu : Front Page : Centre’s report card not satisfactory: Karat
Posing questions on the UPA government’s performance since mid-2004, he said it was not able to convince the Left why Indian private banks should be handed over to foreign banks or why the insurance sector should be opened up further to Foreign Direct Investments.

Mr. Karat’s other queries were: “How is FDI in retail trade beneficial when it will lead to the loss of livelihood for millions of shopkeepers and traders? Is putting pension funds of government employees in the stock market the best way to ensure social security? Why can’t the government strengthen the PDS by restoring the universal system?”
Militant Bardhan
Bardhan is calling for nation-wide militant struggle against Congress to fight BJP. :-o Talk of communist logic. Again, notice how the Left agenda is determined by anti-BJP policy.
The Hindu : National : Soaring prices most serious issue, says A.B. Bardhan
“Left should ensure that BJP is not allowed to come to power”
Mr. Bardhan said the Left parties had suggested several measures to curb price rise but to no avail. “We have, therefore, called for a wide-ranging militant struggle on this burning question beginning on April 17 and 18,” he said inviting the CPI(M) to join the agitation.


Anonymous said...

Note also that when the claims of the commies are reported, they are reported as if they are statements of fact. For instance, the following lines seem to have been uttered by Comrade Basu:

-->Since Independence, the Communist parties had stood for a self-reliant path of development and worked for the benefit of all sections. The land reforms had been essential to create a just society, free of exploitation and caste and religious discrimination.<--

But the hack cleverly omits quotation marks around them.

socal said...

Karat might be talking about minorities in Dharamsala, Jammu and Kohima. :-)

Anonymous said...

CPM faces attrition, blames it on globalisation

Sunday, 30 March , 2008, 16:38

Coimbatore: The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) may be proud of its newly acquired status as a political force to reckon with, but is worried about the growing attrition of its cadre. Party members say the trend can be attributed to affluent lifestyles, increasing religious politics and the 'tough life' of party workers.

CPM sources admit that the rate of attrition among "whole-timers" — permanent members — is as high as 7.5 per cent.

Anonymous said...

In the same article Mu Ka sends his kudos to the commies and Chindu boldly publishes the same,
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi extended his greetings to the CPI(M) on the Congress.
Mr. Karunanidhi, in his message read out by CPI(M) State secretary N. Varadarajan, expressed the hope that the Congress would come out with significant resolutions.

Anonymous said...

Mu Ka "expressed the hope that the Congress would come out with significant resolutions." Of course, with a significant resolution praising Mu Ka for distributing essential, vital commodities such as "free" TV sets to a select few and bold, progressive acts such as takeover of cable TV network.

Bibek Chatterjee said...

One needs to come out with a list of commie leaders whose chidren are settled in the capitalist west.

Harkishan Singh Surjeet's son is settled in Canada, I am sure there are many others.

Anonymous said...

//Bardhan : specially invited guest speaker //
What is so special about his talk? This is a defacto speech of any commies !

//ensure that the BJP was not allowed to come to power//
So all big talks about price rise, liberalization etc are just a bogus statement!

//contempt for democratic norms and violence are an integral part of its policies and practices//
Ha ha, is he referring to his own party? What is a democratic norm? Nominating Brinda Karat? Commies usually name all ther sub organization and liberally sprinkle all key adjectivies such as pro-poor, human rights, democratic etc etc , but these have no relevance with all their actions.

//Karat :Favouring all attempts to build a Left and democratic alternative to Congress and BJP rule//
Simple : Just contest independently in elections without Cong support.!

On a side note:
a) No reference to Tibet issue
b) I am not sure about the involvement/view of Somnath Chatterjee on Bhardhan's view. Being a speaker (expected to be unbiased) is he siding with Bardhan? If so how he is allowed to be a Speaker with partisan views ? or otherwise, why is he not condemning Bardhan?

Anonymous said...

Who forms the CPIM leadership, bunch of old geezers and thugs. Check out their list,
* Harkishan Singh Surjeet 92
* Jyoti Basu 94
* V.S. Achuthanandan 85
* Prakash Karat 56
* Sitaram Yechury 52
* S. Ramachandran Pillai 70
* R. Umanath 82
* Biman Bose 70+
* Manik Sarkar 59
* Pinarai Vijayan 62
* M.K. Pandhe 82
* Buddhadeb Bhattacharya 62
* K. Varadarajan
* B.V. Raghavulu 70+?
* Brinda Karat 61
The intelligensia have no power without the help of the thugs.

R said...

While anon talking about the age of cpm bosses, this report brings out more details.


" It has only 12% of women wholetimers across the country. For a party which has been claiming to be in the forefront of struggle for 33% reservation for women in Parliament and legislatures, the CPM has a lot of introspection to do. What must be even more worrying for the party is that only 17% of its members are below 30 years. This statistics shows that the young Indian does not see CPM as an attractive political option.

Of course, Chindu will never tell us about such reports!

Anonymous said...

The Economic Times report should have further questioned if the commie parties ever had a woman as their chief, or for that matter a dalit. How about a party chief from any minority community? Of course, comrades will at once retort that there is no bar for either a dalit or a minority person to become the party chief!

Parenthetically, the world has not seen a black or Hispanic or a dalit pope till now (of course, no question of a woman pope!).

Dirt Digger said...

The issue of minority leadership being the example of a shining society makes little sense.
The larger issue is the participation of minorities in general society.
To his credit Gandhi attempted exactly that, trying to integrate minority communities like the Muslims and Dalits into mainstream society and its governance.
Communists are discombobulated when it comes to living in a capitalistic, democratic society.
The principles of communism sharply contradict the foundation of the Indian constitution (despite token additions of words like socialism etc.).
The total failure of communism even in WB is something overlooked by CPM and Chindu. Lets look at the facts here,

1. Failure of State run industries

- As in most states, the most profitable are the private sector companies.
2. Failure of law and order
- Both WB and Kerala, the threat posed by terrorists, illegal immigrants and the simple misuse of govt. machinery for political purposes is blatant.
3. Organizational nepotism
The claim of democratically elected officials is a sham as exposed by the various readers here. They are clinging on to power simply because they have thugs, can dominate the election process with illegal practices and there is little alternatives in both states (except congress in kerala).

Anonymous said...

"They are clinging on to power simply because they have thugs, can dominate the election process with illegal practices and there is little alternatives in both states (except congress in kerala)"

Good points. Another reason why the cling to power is, to some extent, they have succeeded in converting marxism into a religion.Just like, say, muslims, my Marxist friends in Kerala *believe* -- yes blindly believe -- without any reason that only "marxism" can save this world! They think that all these violent events -- like Nandigram, Kannur, Tiananmen square etc -- are efforts to "save" the world from "capitalist" forces! When people start blindly believing in something, no one can help -- just like muslims vote for muslim leaugue, "marxists",men belonging to this religion, vote for CPM!

There is a one-to-one comparison between a religion like Islam and CPM.