Thursday, March 27, 2008

Equating Bangladeshi migrants with informal labour

Mukul Sharma makes a lot of noise about Gujarat riot victims. Here he is asking for equal treatment of Bangladeshi "migrants" with informal labour markets. If you read too much into it, on one side is people and on the other side is a market. Mukul Sharma laments that treating Bangladeshi "migrants" separately is discriminatory. Reading this along with Vir Sanghvi's latest demands on Bangladeshis, there is an interesting trend emerging in the ELM on the issue of Bangladesh.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Migrants and a silent human rights crisis
Most migration management policies and pronouncements today are getting to be discriminatory. Governments encourage selected migration in white collar work while officially discouraging the migration of the poor and marginal people. The Delhi government that publicly states the absolute necessity to exclude irregular Bangladeshi migrants from its territory, is prepared to tolerate the existence and even the growth of informal labour markets for the purpose of preparing for the Commonwealth Games or the Delhi Metro project which rely largely on the labour of unregulated migrants.

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Anonymous said...

"The scapegoating of migrants, the deliberate fuelling of fear, and the nurturing of discriminatory, casteist and xenophobic sentiments by some politicians and sections of the media, have been accompanied by regular incidents that amount to trampling on some of the most basic rights of migrants, including the right to life, liberty and security of the person"

ALERT for casteists and secessionists!!!

"Non-state actors, including private companies and individuals, millionaires and billionaires, contractors and builders, have a big impact on the lives and human dignity of migrants"

Now the Indians have to take the burden of well being of all illegal migrants and be vigilant on the protection of their human rights.

It brings notion for a naivete that India is a developed state having the best welfare system for its subjects. Alas!!! I was not dreaming.