Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Most people visit India for a variety of common reasons like business, family, travel, religious conversion etc. What appears now to be a trend is people to visit India, take advantage of the nation's hospitality and bomb its citizens and distribute false currency. What was once the sole responsibility of our neighbor to the West appears to have now been distributed to a neighbour to our East, which was part of our western neighbor.
Please read Chindu's article here,

I do not have an issue with the article itself, nor am I painting all the people from these countries as terrorists.
The bigger issue is Chindu will not write a proper editorial about National Security faced currently, simply because the borders with Bangladesh are not being properly policed. The important question of how those people managed to cross the country to spread havoc in places like Mumbai (for those who know, the transportation of illegal immigrants was spearheaded by one Late Mr. Sunil Dutt) and Bangalore is not being asked by Chindu.
They would rather carry sermonizing articles by Asghar Ali Engineer or Harish Khare and the like, talking about how a particular community is unfairly painted by a broad stroke by the communalists or about the need to have dialogue with our neighbors. Terrorism is a real problem and given India's porous borders, the media's(especially Chindu's) lackadaisical approach towards this problem is shocking.


Andromeda said...

This is the danger of treating illegal immigrants as vote banks. It is ridiculous to equate any step directed at stemming illegal immigrants with minority hounding. If the source is an Islamic nation, of course the infiltrators will be Muslim. Is it the sick pseudo sec brigade's case that the very fact that the offenders happen to be Muslim, they must enjoy eternal immunity from any kind of police suspicion? Portraying anti-terrorist measures as anti-Muslim is an insult to the millions of law abiding Muslims of this nation.

This specious argument also raises other questions. The "liberal media" makes a clarion call for harsher penalties for atrocities against women and Dalits. How are they so very sure that such laws will not be (mis)used against men and the so called upper castes? Extending this logic, there cannot be any crime that attracts a harsh punishment for there will be some group or the other that will be at the receiving end. Only the anti-social elements should fear tough legislations, the ELM through its foolish arguments is suggesting that minorities are anti-social.

Dirt Digger said...

You raise an excellent point.
Do you remember the Uniform Civil code proposed by the BJP and its allies? This was portrayed as infringing on Civil liberties of minorities by the liberal media.
Sure the code might have some components which need discussion.
But the media decides to portray it as part of communalist agenda and sweep it under the rug.
The liberal media also underplays the threat posed by terrorists and if something happens decides to blame the government.
The lack of logic is simply astounding.