Monday, March 10, 2008

Fwd: CPM office attack in Delhi

yet another instance of chindu's "balanced" reporting.

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Here's the latest example Chindu's perverted journalism: suppressing
facts to help CPM

See the front-page news about the CPM office attack in Delhi:

and now, compare this with news appeared in other newspapers/tv channels.

After reading the Chindu report alone, a Chindu reader would wonder:

(i) In the first place, Why did BJP-RSS workers organize a protest
march towards CPM office?
(ii) What is the BJP's take on this issue ?
(iii)Was it a one-sided attack ? Did any BJP-RSS workers also get injured ?

Poor Chindu reader will never get answers to these questions. Because
the answers will make the CPM bosses unhappy.

Chindu supresses the following facts which is clearly stated in *ALL*
other news papers/channels

(1) This was a direct fallout of Kannur killings, where CPM workers
killed 5 BJP-RSS workers in the last 3 or 4 days, in Kannur Kerala,
with the help of state machinery.

(2)It was not a one-sided attack. There was stone pelting, as a
provocation, from the CPM office where many RSS/BJP workers also

Obviously, as expected, Chindu never publishes the opinion of RSS/BJP
leaders, which finds place in every other news papers.

Posted by R to The Chindu at March 10, 2008 12:18 AM


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is exactly what i was thinking. I saw the news in rediff and then went to chindu and there is no mention of the word 'Kannur' in the whole report. A bunch of liars masquerading as journalists.

Anonymous said...

Chindu is shameless in backing up earlier story about parliament proceedings, this becomes even the headlines. Just wind back to check how it reported when DMK goondas attacked BJP head office in Chennai which involved even a minister. No report, no coverage just to be a good boy to Kolaigner. Neither Commies condemned that.

Anonymous said...

no use of the word 'alleged'.. these are reserved for cpm goons only.. whenever they get high and ho on murderous spree, they 'allegedly' become cpm workers

Anonymous said...

Kannur bloodshed: Kerala HC for Centre`s intervention

Kochi, March 11: The Kerala High Court on Tuesday observed that the only solution to stop the "bloodshed" in Kannur district, where seven persons were killed in CPI(M)-BJP clashes, is timely intervention by the Union Government by deploying sufficient Central forces.

The Central forces will not yield to political or plutocratic clout by those in power and not in power, the court observed and described Kannur as a place where manslaughter is a "compelling sport".

The All party peace missions are nothing but a "hoax" to "hoodwink" the "fickle-minded public", the court said and expressed the hope that there will be gubernatorial move to apprise the central government of the urgent need for permanent "prophylactic" action to curb further bloodshed and killings in Kannur.

The observations were made by Justice V Ramkumar while handing over to CBI the Mohammed Fazal murder case. Fazal, a newspaper vendor of `Thejus` and supporter of a Muslim outfit - National Democratic Front - was killed on October 22, 2006 at Thalassery.

The CB-CID had earlier informed the court that no one had been arrested in the case and there was no clue regarding the assailants. The court then entrusted the investigation to a Special Investigation Team headed by the Superintendent Police.

The SP (Crime branch) Kozhikode filed a statement stating that three CPI(M) activists, "who are known goondas", had been arrested.

The court observed that no investigation appears to have been conducted to pinpoint and confirm the identity of the accused.

Anonymous said...

The lack of objectivity is simply appalling. If you were actually following journalistic principles, you would investigate into the root cause of the problem and write an expose. However here the root cause is the behavior of the Commie goons across the country exposing which would be akin to saying one's wife is ugly. Shame on you Chindu.

R said...

If you were actually following journalistic principles, you would investigate into the root cause of the problem and write an expose.

See the article exposing root cause here in this piece in the New Indian express.

CPM men killed an NDF person in Kannur and immediately accused RSS of killing the NDF guy. And they expected a communal riot which didn't happen, thanks to people of Kannur. And as days went by, the truth started coming out that the killing was done by CPM!

Also see;

Never expect Chindu to write about all these. Thanks to other south indian news papers like new indian express, everyone in the world (who cannot read malayalam) now know the truth

socal said...

Chindu's op-ed, by Hasan Suroor, unusually praises BBC:

"Allegations of bias are routinely hurled at the BBC but the fact that almost every group (political, religious, cultural, regional, linguistic, liberal, right-wing, urban, rural) thinks that it is biased against them actually proves the opposite: that the BBC runs a pretty neutral show ."

In keeping with his muslim-centric reporting of British affairs, he even tries to prop up BBC's neutrality by citing the allegations by Muslim fundamentalists and "secular" Muslims on BBC's bias.

Truth of the matter is, the BBC has been definitively pro-muslim in its coverage of middle-east, iraq war and most issues concerning muslims. This extends to its coverage of India and issues between India and Pakistan. It has been caught peddling palestinian propaganda and videos quite often. Here's one recent instance of BBC's fabrication.

It "aired footage purporting to show the demolition and burning of a house that belongs to the family of Ala Abu Dheim, the terrorist who murdered eight students and wounded nine others in the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva (Rabbinical Seminary) ."

The house is still there.

socal said...

Regarding this post: You should probably correct the last point which doesn't give the number of BJP workers injured in the clashes. As Indian Express reported, 12 BJP workers and 10 CPI-M "activists" were injured.

For someone who were allegedly "attacked," the CPI-M put up quite an impressive defense, causing more injuries to the other side. All that DYFI training didn't go waste.

R said...

Guys, thanks for posting this.
Will you add some of the "labels" to this post also ?(i would say "news supression", "communist voice" etc will be appropriate).

Also, when you get time, will it be possible to modify the template a bit such a way that all the labels appear on the sidebar somewhere ? Because, for example, when someone wants to refer to hypocrisy of the Chindu, it would be nice if we can get all the articles labelled
"hypocrisy" at one click.

But i know that you guys have your own work to do. So take your time. No hurry. Do it only at your leisure.