Friday, March 14, 2008

684 vs 165

A "secular" cause in Jaipur gets 684 words while a "communal" one in Chindu's own backyard is written in 165 words. Compare and contrast the two incidents and Chindu's reporting.

The Hindu : National : Film-maker hounded out of Jaipur
A documentary film-maker, who was trying to expose the politics of fake encounters in Gujarat through his movie, was hounded out of the city on Thursday on the pretext of threat to peace and public order, much to the disappointment to the civil rights groups that wanted to apprise the people of the dangers of the State violence perpetrated against citizens.

The Hindu : Tamil Nadu / Chennai News : Art exhibition on Aurangazeb cancelled
An art exhibition on the life of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb in the city was closed down on Thursday following protests by a section of visitors who objected to the “communal nature” of some of the exhibits.


R said...

Hey, good post HF.

I note that Chindu's game starts in the title itself. The aurangazeb excibition title sounds like the organizers themselves are voluntarily cancelling it. Contrast that with the sensational title of the Jaipur one!

Also note: no words like "freedom of expression" or "freedom of speech" in the aurangazeb news but used twice in the Jaipur news!

N Ram(or Ravan?!), you are the pioneer in journalistic perversions!

Anonymous said...

Chindu cleverly wants to whitewash the fact that the Aurangzeb exhibition was not "cancelled", but forcibly closed by a police officer, apparently acting on "secular" diktats, following the intervention of folks sporting fancy, feudal and anachronistic titles such as Prince and Nawab (who also happen to be chamchas of the Chief).