Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BJP Template

During those rare occasions when BJP is given some space, "quotation marks" are liberally used. This is the BJP template, which does not apply to CPM because everything that CPM says is to be taken at face value.

The Hindu : National : UPA is directionless and divisive: Jaitley
The former Union Law Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader, Arun Jaitley, on Tuesday accused the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government of being “directionless and divisive” and of having “sacrificed larger interest for vote-bank politics.” It is an “indecisive” government that has a “do-nothing approach,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Interesting observation about the quotation. There was an important observation in the news article,--> "...even members of the treasury benches, are questioning from where the Rs. 60,000 crore will come if there is no budgetary provision for it."
Whoa, looks like our little red comrades have not been paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to be having a ready made software (BJP Template) which will automatically insert the required phrases such as "conceding" (as Neena V says "while conceding that there were aspects in the budget...). Whatever BJP says (through its spokepersons) is always preceded by qualifiers such as accepting, admitting, acknowledging, conceding etc.

According to Chindu's jouranlistic bible, BJP should be always reported in the defensive mode because of the "original guilt" it (BJP) is born with.

Anonymous said...


Not a single word mentioning the violence unleashed against RSS workers in Kannur by CPM goons. Even non-discerning readers must be wondering why the CPM office would be attacked without any provocation.